Thursday, January 31, 2013

Farewell friend banner

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, this is not about someone passing away. Thank goodness!

No, instead this is about a coworker's last day and one whose friendship I cherish and hope remains even with her move 2 hours away to live with her special guy and start a new job. I am so super happy for her and when they were arranging a good-bye potluck I offered to make a banner. Only natural, right???

It didn't take too super long and it turned out so great.

Sorry for the not so great pictures, my phone was all I had nearby in my limited time to get this made. I used my cricut to cut the triangles out. (Something to Celebrate cartridge!) and then also used it to cut letters of the opposite colors.  Her fave color is purple (just like me... wahoooo!) so I chose purple and white.
Once I had it all figured out (this project, not like "it all" like in life..if only!!) I layed out my string (basic string bought at the dollar store) and lined up the triangles. I folded down the tops over the string and actually ended up hot glueing them to make sure they stayed down. I put adhesive on the letters and slapped those babies on.

I sent this picture to another coworker as her sneak peak. I loved how it was shaping up. Here you can see how I folded the pieces over the string. Weird part- I was going to cut off the little pieces on either side that were just hanging off... but I flipped it over and decided I liked the upside down party hat look..... haha weird, right? 

Because my friend has developed a button obsession (thanks to me!)I thought I'd add a little button flower to the blank flag between "GOOD" and "LUCK." Here is a little instagram-erized pic of the button flower by itself.

I am kind of obsessed with these too.... along with about a million other things.. yea yea yea!

So here is a picture of the final thing hung up at the potluck today

It turned out really great and everyone admired it. I don't often finish something and totally love it, but I soaked up the compliments and my coworker was so surprised by the food and thought that went into our little surprise. (Although, I am not sure how she didn't know something was up, we were so loud getting things ready AND we all work in a huge room of cubicles.. but thank goodness she was :)


Monday, January 28, 2013

Smashbook swoon

So recently I have been craving returning to my "roots." By roots I mean, craft roots. My huge love, and reason behind starting this blog, was scrapbooking. This craving was only intensified by completion of my very first, SMASHBOOK!

I am going to share in installments, because quite frankly I took some pictures of each "phase" of my first book to share and I didn't want to make the posts so super long or loaded with pictures.

Isn't she purrrty? I love the orange, and that they make different ones for different functions. AND huge rubber bands for when it looks like it might explode, like mine :)

Seen here is our parking pass from the hotel we stayed the weekend he proprosed. Yes, I told you all that I am a memory hoarder and this is jus one example. We got engaged in 2007 and this remained in my car until I had to replace that car last winter 2012. Legit. 

These are just two of the pages I did in my smash about our honeymoon in Charleston, SC. I would have had airline tix, but did everything online so they took the whole pieces of paper when we flew. BOO!! But anyway these are places we visited and things we saw that we loved.

Pouches for things that didn't quite fit or have a neat way about being glued in.

On of my personal favorite places we went. Well, ok so maybe it isn't like earth shattering amazing, but it was really cool to see how tea is made and visit the ONLY tea plantation in america. Although I love  a good cup of coffee- I loved tea first and foremost :) And especially these cold bitter winter days, tea is so comforting and warming.
There you have it the first installment of my smashbook swoon. I will have more to show, just not sure that I will do it all together... because I have wedding album pages to share :) What could be more appropriate in the days before valentines to show off my little day as a fairytale??

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ribbon storage

We made it to Friday!! Woohooo!!! With lots of cold weather and more snow on the way, I couldn't be happier. Not to mention, hoping for some quality scrapbooking time this weekend.. something I never made it to last weekend with all the sleeping my body felt it needed and the running I did. Needless to say I have been dragging a little too much for my taste this week which is why posts have not been as frequent- sorry guys!! Hopefully I can my creative juices flowing and get a jump on great posts for next week. I am still so bummed about the lost time surfing quality sites at work. I realize I am happy to have a job that allowed for that previously.. but man, cold turkey withdraw much??

Anyway, today I bring you a quick, but still pretty cool {if I can say so}little storage solution. What I really wanted to use for this was an over the door shoe storage center. You know, those plastic cheapo ones??? Yea? Well, I counldn't find one at the dollar tree or dollar general so I just used a multi-pant hanger...
Just. Like. This.

I think this will be an OKAY temporary solution. Either that or I need to be smarter about which ribbons are where. Some ribbon spools (they are called spools right?) are too big and run into each other. I do still have those loose ribbon pieces in drawers but I will be eventually be doing something like this:


How do you store your ribbon? Suggestions/links to inexpensive, DIY, or alternate use of things are greatly appreciated!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mini Vday Banner

Well I hope everyone is staying warm out there!! Yesterday I braved the cold and went out in 12 degree weather for a 3 mile run (call me crazy, just do it, whatev). Wow Wow Wow. It felt great for the 2nd and 3rd miles lol. This morning as I write this it is about 9 degrees I think. Really makes me want to get real clothes on and head to work, right?? NO WAY!!! Especially when I have a little jaunt from where I have to park til I get there to the door. Yesterday I think I drank about 5 cups of tea just to feel warm inside!

 Anyway, after making all my fun deco for home, I felt like I needed just a little something for work :) After all I am there 8 hours each day and everyone seems to enjoy when I do put up little seasonal banners.

Nothing big or super fancy pants here but I thought I'd share anyway since everyone is still working on Valentines deco all over the place!

I used the same paper I used for my Floating Valentines and similiar sizes too I think. George basic shapes heart @ 1 1/14" and 1 1/2" is all it took!! I used the cricut to cut those bad boys out and some letters to spell out Be Mine. I double sided them again so if it spun it was ok and it looks so pretty.


After it was all assembled I (attempted) attempted to get some nicer shots of my pretty little banner.

Kind of obsessed with this polka dot paper- shoot!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow Business

I have been major craft crushing on this little number at two Yellow Birds Decor and have been dying to make it. It seemed Simple enough....

So I went to the basement, to Handy Hubby's shop and chose my blocks.

I wanted to do little "snowflake" type things on either side, so thats why I have extra blocks. From here I used my cricut to cut letters and symbols. I swear I took pictures of just the letters on the blocks unpainted, but frankly I didn't.

Since I slacked, here is a picture of the blockes with the letters already pealed off after I painted about 3 coats on and let it dry. Next, Jill's directions said to put stain all over and wipe it off so it didn't stain. Well, even though I listened, it didn't quite work out the way her's did. Maybe because I used craft paints??  Some might have called it a day and a FAIL. Not me. I cleaned them up a little as well as I could and admired them :) I did spray some clear enamel on the outside to seal a little bit.

I think they turned out pretty stinkin cute. I really love Jill's so I might go back and try, try again some other time, but I can't say that I hate my failed version either.

Sorry the quality isn't the greatest- when the weather is terrible and there is no natural light during the day and you have time to take pictures only in the evening, this is what you get. That aside, I like my little "snowflake."

As a little extra... here is my little snowman collection that will stay out all winter long :) The light, plate and, tiny snowmen were all purchased from the same person @ Thimble Junction. Gwen actually used to be my dental hygentist and she is a great crafter!!

Anyway--- thats that!! Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I was going to wait to even let you all know I joined facebook, but magically over the weekend two of you craft lovers have found me already!!

So exciting yet embarrassed because there is literally NOTHING there yet. I am also not sure to what capacity I will use my facebook page, this is all TBD.

But if you want to LIKE my page, the link is:!/pages/OhScrapThat/427867650619761   or you can just search for Oh Scrap that.

I hope this blog continues to grow and allow me the opportunity to inpsire others and to meet such amazing women and crafters. :) Hope you are all enjoying the last hours and the day and that if your weather was as beautiful as mine, that you got out to enjoy it!

In other news, I do hope to have an about me page (SOON!!!! this week?) and get a cute little signature so I look legit. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day. It doesn't help I have no motivation to get up on the weekends OR we stay up too late.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Floating Valentines

Happy Friday everyone!!! I am sad to say I might not be as quick and good about link ups, responding to comments, and following. Oddly enough I was doing a lot of my blogging world stuff at work- the nature of my job involves enough downtime that I was able to do SO MUCH throughout the day between calls and tasks. The hard part is that they just made the internet blocks SO MUCH more strict which pretty much includes all blogs that I LOVE and FOLLOW like life depended on it. I am hoping to be able to settle into a routine or be able to look at some stuff on my phone during the day, but thats not always easy. But either way, I will do my best to keep linked up and having fun! Now onto my project!

For starters, I am just going to put it out there right now. I am guilty. I craft-lifted!! Well seriously, I told this awesome blogger that I was going to be making one and she encouraged me to- so it's her fault.. Who might "she" be?? That would be Chelsea @ Making Home Base. She did this super awesome project that I knew right away I would be making.. this was not an option at all.

heart wall art making home base

I switched mine up and got a dollar store frame which I painted RED with just plain old generic Walmart spray paint.  I really loved the pop of unexpected turquoise that she incorporated and decided I wanted some kind of fun non-typical valentines color in mine too.

I loved this polka dotted paper because of 1- the dots and 2-super fun colors. I even went a little crazy and used a turqouise string!!

Here you can see the heart line-up before I began the stringing process. I used this string that I bought a few years ago for a whole $1 at BIG LOTS. The under-rated crafters heaven.

Once all the strings were strung, I hot glued (and not very attractively) the strings to the back of the frame. I did have to fix the spacing of each string because my poor spatial abilities did not allow this to occur naturally as I went. No one ever said crafters had to be perfect and it is a very imperfect world.  {thankfully for me!!} And really, if you want to be completely honest, this is my second stab at this project. I thought it would be FUN to do those kind of wonky hearts and use gardener's twine, but this totally didn't work out. The twine is uneven and so everything just look so out of wack. Needless to say, there are no pictures of this craftfail. I actually did mean to, but was so excited to do the NICE and for real version that I didn't take the minute to take pictures. Onto the actual finished product...

I don't know about you all, but I LOVE IT!!!

Turned out pretty stinkin cool I think!! I used some more string to hang to the side of Handy Hubby's desk to take a few pictures before finding its actual sitting place downstairs.

I rerrarranged a few times before I was truly happy with this. I also decorated Mr. Owl a little too...

Howard the Owl is ready for Valentines day... are you???

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cubby Organization {Organization Madness #3}

Along with the masses, my New Years Organization kick is still in full swing- jumping to and fro all over the house.

This installment takes a look at an area that really already encapsules (is that a word??) a lot of RANDOM items that we need/like to have quick access to. 

As you can see, looks pretty good right? Everything is all contained... well except for that middle cubby which really started out as "coffee table book" and some photo albums. It has now turned into, lets see what magazine/coupon page I can stash here as well as some of Handy Hubby's idea/self-help books. You will see how I addressed that later.

Remember how nicely these bins looked IN the cubbies.. Yeaaaaaa, about that. Not so lovely to look at outside though, right? I went through each bin and just organized and threw out items from each. I would still like to label each generally- but one is kind of seasonal (hats/scarves gloves) so I am debating how to label that. The rest were organzied as follows:

Garden Flags/Wine bags (I know weird combo... )

Cleaning supplies plus a power screw driver and packaging tape

Electronic items- chargers, batterys, cases

All things motorcycle garb

Extra decor items (that are rotated in and out- probably really should go to the basement...) and air freshener items (mostly wallflower refills.. love them!!!)

These two are kind of *MY* bins. One holds my camera cases and and extra skirts for my 31 purse and the other is all my winter scarves (well, I shouldn't say ALL, these are the ones I don't wear as much. Those hang with my coats/sweaters that I wear all the time) and gloves.

I'd say they look just a tad better than they started, right. So back to that silly little center cube that looked kind of a hot mess.. here's my solution

I don't have any more of the larger bins actually made by Closetmaid and didn't really want to spend money to buy any either. I was able to move some things around to free up this little gray bin from Christmas Tree Shop that only cost $1 a piece. I like it because its shorter and a little more open so you can still see that there are books inside.

There it is- looking ( I think ) a little better on the outside and inside!!

On a side (and a little bit silly) note, I just had to show off my little pal in the wine rack (one of two I might add) I recieved this SOCK MONKEY wine bottle cover from my sister for Christmas and I just love it. I didn't want to just save it for taking wine somewhere, or a spcial occasion so I thought I'd just leave him out all the time for a little smile now and then.

So there you have it- one more area of the house down- about 23876238746234 to go!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More Valentines!

I really wasn't kidding when I told you that while writing my post for the button heart, I thought of a ton of things I wanted to do. Well, once again I just couldn't resist some of the projects I have found online. the only problem- which one do I share first?? I love them all!!

I guess I will start with my globes.  You have previously seen them in another fashion during the Christmas season as seen below. . (post is here)
You see, I loved them so much that I didn't really want to put them away after Christmas so I just plain old didn't. I figured if nothing else they would just be "winter" trees. Genius right?? Then I thought, well why not turn them into little LOVE GLOBES?!? Yep, you got it. I had a few different ideas on how to go about it.
Valentines Day, Garland, Hearts, Pom Poms

I saw this awesome garland done by craftincrosby and she talked abotu using these foam hearts she found at the dollar tree. My genius thought was that maybe I could use them in my globes. So I mosied on over to my local store (which is 2 minutes away, right next to Joanns- GASP!!!) and bought me some.

I came home and grabbed buttons that were still sorted from my button heart project and some string and got to work. Here is a little peek at what I started with besides the jars of course.

 Once again, I really didn't have much of a plan and just made it up as I went.  That's partially the truth. The real truth is that I had one idea in my head that I wanted to have strings HANGING down. This was a pretty dumb idea when I thought of it because, of course, you flip the jars OVER so I couldn't really HANG anything from the lids. It would need to be from the bottom of the jar.. so not happening. Instead, I improvised a little. I hung the strings from sticks I broke off of other hearts for other jars. So here they are!!

{Instagrammmed.. I should have never started, I fear I will never stop}

{Regular photo of the line up from the opposite angle}

{See the buttons?? obsessed. Jar on the right is my improvising wanting a hanging *something* kind of fish-lined it. BOOM}

{Simplest jar yet. Broke some sticks to the appropriate height, stuck them in some cardboard, TAPED for extra stability and called it a day.}

I even jazzed up the candles on either side with some fun festive {BUTTONS} of course!!

Anyone else too stuck on their snow globes that they re-seasoned them like me?? Link them up in the comments so I can come see them :) I have only seen one or two out there since I created mineand for the life of me can't find them. I will update with shout outs if I can find them.