Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dishwasher magnet

I hope everyone is having a good week- can you believe it is Thursday already?? I can- this cold is finally giving in and I am finally feeling a little healthier again. It really doesn't help that it is FREEZING cold every day and all I want to do is stay inside and hibernate but that just lets the germs FESTER. Yep, fester. Gross. Anyway- coming at you today to share another edition of trying to be a little more "together" at the start of the new year... does it ever reallly happen? Well, I try.

For some of you, you have had one of these forever in an effort to gain help with either loading or unloading the dishwasher from the hubby or kids in your life. I have looked at them over and over and although I have seen some cute versions, thought I would have a try at making my own (Of course!!)

 I started out, quite simply with a piece of scrapbook paper long enough to hold the words CLEAN and DIRTY. I don't know the exact dimensions because I ended up changing things a few times, so what I started with was not how it finished. 


 From there I found some nice big stickers (originally bought at Big Lots but some I always have on hand) because I was too lazy to cut them from my Cricut.  I added them on and then actually decided to cut the words apart before laminating.

Once cut apart, I was ready to laminate. I put them in the little lamination pockets and zipped them through the machine.  

Here they are, all laminated and SHINY! Now I wanted to make them back to back, and magnetic (of course!) so I found a nice bright yellow ribbon (also in my stash from another project)

I took the ribbon and cut it to a size that made sense for the size of my words and put a magnet inside, gluing it to each side of the ribbon so it would stay in place.

Next I glued the ribbon to the back of one of the words and glued up the rest of the back to stick the other word on top.

There you have it friends! A little DIY dishwasher magnet. I may go back and use a stronger magnet that I will stealthfully grab from hubbys workshop as he said mine wasn't strong enough, but otherwise LOVE it.


Jamie said... [Reply]

I just love this Idea...sooo cute! Thanks for stopping by Things in YOU!
Happy Blogging,

Mums make lists said... [Reply]

Love this - made me laugh out loud!