Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cubby Organization {Organization Madness #3}

Along with the masses, my New Years Organization kick is still in full swing- jumping to and fro all over the house.

This installment takes a look at an area that really already encapsules (is that a word??) a lot of RANDOM items that we need/like to have quick access to. 

As you can see, looks pretty good right? Everything is all contained... well except for that middle cubby which really started out as "coffee table book" and some photo albums. It has now turned into, lets see what magazine/coupon page I can stash here as well as some of Handy Hubby's idea/self-help books. You will see how I addressed that later.

Remember how nicely these bins looked IN the cubbies.. Yeaaaaaa, about that. Not so lovely to look at outside though, right? I went through each bin and just organized and threw out items from each. I would still like to label each generally- but one is kind of seasonal (hats/scarves gloves) so I am debating how to label that. The rest were organzied as follows:

Garden Flags/Wine bags (I know weird combo... )

Cleaning supplies plus a power screw driver and packaging tape

Electronic items- chargers, batterys, cases

All things motorcycle garb

Extra decor items (that are rotated in and out- probably really should go to the basement...) and air freshener items (mostly wallflower refills.. love them!!!)

These two are kind of *MY* bins. One holds my camera cases and and extra skirts for my 31 purse and the other is all my winter scarves (well, I shouldn't say ALL, these are the ones I don't wear as much. Those hang with my coats/sweaters that I wear all the time) and gloves.

I'd say they look just a tad better than they started, right. So back to that silly little center cube that looked kind of a hot mess.. here's my solution

I don't have any more of the larger bins actually made by Closetmaid and didn't really want to spend money to buy any either. I was able to move some things around to free up this little gray bin from Christmas Tree Shop that only cost $1 a piece. I like it because its shorter and a little more open so you can still see that there are books inside.

There it is- looking ( I think ) a little better on the outside and inside!!

On a side (and a little bit silly) note, I just had to show off my little pal in the wine rack (one of two I might add) I recieved this SOCK MONKEY wine bottle cover from my sister for Christmas and I just love it. I didn't want to just save it for taking wine somewhere, or a spcial occasion so I thought I'd just leave him out all the time for a little smile now and then.

So there you have it- one more area of the house down- about 23876238746234 to go!!


Jamie F said... [Reply]

Looks great! I just hate those areas that "look" tidy but are chaotic inside. I have many!

I notice your no reply comment...could you let me know if I'm one...someone told me I was but I thought I wasn't...Thanks so much!

Chrishelle Ebner said... [Reply]

Following from the blog hop. I don't know what it is about the new year that makes me want to organize. I think I have just as many places to organize as you do.