Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIY Door Curtain

Hey Strangers!!! I know, I know I have been so slackerific here it is not even funny.

To make up for it, I am going to reveal something really super dooper embarrasing.

So we have this back door. And it has a window in it. When we moved in almost 2 years ago, I was at Walmart (despised) with my mom getting some supplies to make it more HOME and one of the items was a curtain for said window... Well little did I know it wouldn't FIT!! Now, I don't mean it was too big... it was too short!!

Seriously friend. I kid you not. We looked at this until SUNDAY evening. I kept thinking of how I could fix this issue and just never "got around to it." I have looked a few places but kept forgetting to measure the darn window to see how long it needed to be. Yea, can we say LAZY??! Pretty much. No excuse really.  UNTIL.... I found a really awesome, and by awesome I mean less than $4 clearance curtain panel at .. my favorite place on earth.. TARGET!!!

I immediately hugged  grabbed it and said to my sister "I bet I could make a new back door curtain out of this." And so I did!!!

 I don't really have any "along the way" pictures.. mostly because I was embarrassed to take a million and one while hubby was here. Haha. When its just me, game on 100 pictures of the same darn thing.  I did have two that I took, but they were so awful that they aren't worth posting. Basically, I hung up the full length curtain, eye-balled where I wanted it to be, measured, cut and no-sew glued.

Little better right?? I think I will a portion of what is left to make a second panel.. I think it looks a little silly with just one. What do you all think??

Although one picture is closer than the other, it makes a huge difference that the WHOLE window is covered. And all for less than $4. I will say it over and over again that I love Target and LOVE the clearance end caps (although in this case it was one side of an entire aisle). I will stand by this because I have gotten many a great item on clearance at Target. Every. Single. Time.

On a side note, I finally sat to see what all the picmonkey craziness is all about and had an "oooooh I get it" moment. Seriously a really neat fun photo editor which doesn't require another username and password (thank GOODNESS!) Life changed.

That is all.


Maria said... [Reply]

It looks great! And for four dollars!! Awesome! :)
I hope you have a wonderful day! Xoxo

Cathy Trochelman said... [Reply]

I LOVE Target clearance too! Just made a killing today - lol :) I had to laugh at the fact that you were embarrassed to take pics when hubby was around....I know what you mean! Although my kids make comments too and I could care less. Ha!

Shannon Fox said... [Reply]

Great deal! Only wish a Target was closer than two hours away. I love picmonkey too. Totally addicted ;)

Kim of Mo Betta said... [Reply]

TARGET!! I'm the clearance Queen! We should be friends :-)