Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY Hobby Statement Jars

After a bumpy start to the week, here I am as promised with a new post. this project is quick, easy and pretty darn cute. Who doesn't love that??

As you will see shortly, there really isn't too much to these bad boys, other than some burlap, glue, jars and paint pen. Seriously.

Since my poor cricut is still out of commission I used the good old pc to print different fonts to trace through the burlap using my handy dandy paint pen. I didn't really take step by steps, if you want to see more you can refer back to my Coffee Jar project.

I cut strips of each color of burlap (olive, light tan, regular) to fit the jars, traced my words and added some doodles....who doesn't love a good doodle?

I leave you with a little paint and preview (not much of one though, really.)

Either way, happy Wednesday everyone.

What would you put on your jars??


Selene @ Restoration Beauty said... [Reply]

Super cool idea! I will be trying this soon...I have a few burlap scraps on hand! Thanks for the idea!
Selene @

Cathy Trochelman said... [Reply]

I love the hobby statement idea - very cool.

Maria said... [Reply]

these are so cute, judy! i have some leftover burlap from our shower...i will have to put it to good use. hmmm, mine would say, baby, run and write. *and then maybe, shop :)
i wish you and the mr a wonderful weekend. <3<3