Thursday, March 21, 2013

Inspiration Thursday #3

Ok ok. I did get a chance to work on and complete 2 fun projects last night. Sadly, no time to get pictures this morning. I will probably hold off until Monday to post anything crafty-like because Friday and Saturday will mostly be taken up getting ready for my long-time friend's wedding!!! So this is what you get for now :)


(perfect for us crafters, right??)
 (also true.. so attracted to imperfect finds)

too often we forget to love ourselves in the midst of all the craziness of life.
Be your own best friend... love YOU

I hope you enjoyed this installation of inspiration thursdays. Have a great rest of the week and wonderful weekend... maybe spring will find us? It was flurrying as I left home this morning... give me a break!


Maria said... [Reply]

love these, jodi! i love the marc jacobs's perfect! isn't this weather crazy?! i hope you have a wonderful day and a fabulous time at your friend's wedding! xoxox

Rachel said... [Reply]

I like the last one, it so true and easy to forget!