Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh no she didn't!

Going a little simple with these two layouts... not much going on and not my best for sure... but I still love them. The one page features my dad with Ay and I just had to use the paper for these pictures because the words "beep Beep" were so perfectly placed and, though it may seem super strange this is what the boys call him :)
The second page for tonight is another classic popped eyes look from Aydan. Sometimes we still get this silly dear in headlights look.. love it.. we like to call him Uncle Fester from the Adams family.

Oh the silliness... tomorrow is Friday... yay!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Tonight my brain was still stuck on "simple" layouts.
The first one I did was a continuation (kind of) of the page from last night. These pictures were taken at Easter '11 and the one page features my dad aka beepbeep and Aydan as well as the egg Adam (Ay's big bro) and I made.
The jungle themed page is with my great grandmother, mother, sister and I as well as the boys.. Adam calls her, GoGo since that's what he was first able to say :) the picture isn't what will stay, need a bigger one, and one that doesn't cut off GoGo!
Either way, happy with this progress and sad to see another weekend ending. Hope everyone had a great one.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

One is better than none

So today was a busy day as I went out with my mom to our favorite antique/primitives place in nearby Hummelstown,Pa. The first picture I am putting on this post are my favorite finds which will be turned in scrappy/crafty projects down the road.
Next, my one and only page for the day. I was pretty short on time til we got back from our outting and I put in 4 miles running. So I just did one, semi simple page using not much at all aside from the stone background paper and a mint green piece of cardstock. You cannot really tell from the picture, but I used my camera to filter a green and blue color so this is why I chose the green cardstock.
That is that for today, hope to be a little more productive tomorrow :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Funny bone

Tonight after I got all my grown up chores done, I hit my creativity button and realized after I started had the blue page done that my plan for these pages was rather ironic :). You see, my sister went to an off campus of Penn State whose colors are blue and white (granted, not the blue I chose but still) and her husband went to Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa and they are the Red Devils. If only I could say I had the intentions of this when I actually took the pictures filtering these colors... but either way, I really like how these pages turned out!
Hopefully it will be a productive weekend for me since they are calling for lots of (overdue) rain in my area. Sadly these means no running or time at the pool, but I guess we've had quite a long period where I have had lots of time to do so and I can't complain :)
Happy weekend!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Ok, so these are not great photos in any way shape or form... but photos none the less. Here are 4 pages I have gotten done so far today... hoping for a few more before quitting time. These pages are so much fun to do considering Aydan is now 19 months old and although some of his mannerisms are still similar and he is still as serious as ever... he is becoming quite a silly little guy. Very different from hsi big brother at this age though, that's for sure. Ay's book is much more full of scowls or strange faces than the adorable smiles of Adam. We always joke that Ay is Uncle Fester from the Adam's Family... he sure did look like him for a bit ;)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!