Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Bathroom Makeovers

Hi everyone.. please help me welcome Sue from My Bathrooms who I am excited to have sharing here today. These bathrooms are really beautiful and I can definitely see some awesome awesome potential for us DIY'ers and crafters. Hope you all enjoy ...

My name is Sue and I am very thankful to Jodi, who was kind enough to invite me over to share my special bathroom décor tips for spring and summer season!

7 Simple & Easy
Spring-Summer Bathroom Decor Tips


Get your bathroom ready for spring and summer by clearing
away the warmth and comfort that is so necessary in winter and autumn. If you
are stuck for summertime inspiration, try out one or more of the following
seven fabulous ideas!

1. Hello Sailor!


Go nautical in your bathroom this year! The effect is easily achieved by adding jaunty marine touches like a preserved starfish and some shells (or pictures of such underwater creatures if you do not want to fill your bathroom with such items) and adopting a white, pale blue and navy color scheme.  Ebay offers perfect accessories for a nautical theme bathroom.

2.  Summer Fresh


Add some summer freshness to your bathroom décor this year. Invest in a sunshine inspired accessory set that picks out shades of yellows, green, red and orange to fill your bathroom with the warmth and joy of summer.

3.  Spring into the Season


Simultaneously brighten and lighten your décor infusing the décor with cool spring colors such as pink and green, taking out your warm winter shades, like orange, deep red and browns. This will make your bathroom cool and welcoming even on the hottest day.

4.  Go All-White


An all-white bathroom looks great and offers a cool sanctuary for overheated and sweaty bodies! White towels and accessories are easy to find and there is rarely any stress about finding matching items! Touches of ice blue can add an extra chilly dimension and alleviate some of the unrelenting whiteness!

5.  Rustic Charm


Give your bathroom a hint of country joys with some raw wood cabinetry and storage from My Bathrooms.  A hint of rural blissalways goes down well with family and friends and you will love your summer-ready ablutions! Do not forget to add a pot plant or some fresh flowers to add some natural prettiness to your bathroom.

6.  Minimalist Delight


For busy summers when quick cooling showers, rather than lengthy wallowing baths are the order of the day, opt for clean clear lines in a minimalist bathroom,stripped down to the bare essentials. Frills, draped fabrics and plenty of cocooning warmth are perfect for the colder months, but the summer months cry out for outdoor activity and bustle with bathroom visits becoming shorter and
purely functional.

7.  It IS all Black and White


Opting for a monochrome look in the bathroom is an excellent way to clear out winter décor and provide a clean and practical background for your summer activities. Switch colors for black and white soft furnishings and accessories and see how your warm and cozy bathroom transforms itself into a coolly inviting arena.


Which one is your favorite??

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring has sprung!

Well at least I thought so... until we got some FREEZING COLD WEATHER earlier this week.

I finally got sick of my Christmas wreathe hanging on my door when we got a little warm up a few weeks ago. In combo with the fact that my mom got me some new burlap chevron ribbon from Hobby Lobby... I couldnt help myself.

Isn't she pretty???

Hopefully this is the start of a little more craftiness from me!! Happy Easter :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Not just a jello mold

About a month ago, I was perusing the blogs on my feedly and came across the PERFECT project for some small jello molds I bought over a year ago. Artsy Vava created a super stinkin' cool welcome sign with a similar mold.

I was not good  I didn't take a single picture of the steps to this project but the reality is, I was in a bit of a rush to get them done due to having little time to complete them once I decided to make them.

The first of these flowers was made for my mom's birthday. The past few years, I have tried to have something I have made to give to her. I actually thought of her when I first saw this idea.

Isn't she purty? Mom mentioned that the big colors in clothes at one her favorite stores this season was turquoise and brown and how she had to buy something in those colors because she didn't have any. So I decided to make her flower in those colors of course! I made hers much more rustic than the others, because we share the taste for that style. The wood base (as with the other two) were edged and stained by hubby. I pretty much just told him the size I needed them to be and he went from there. It should also be noted he helped me glue them all together with epoxy.

This little lady is my Steeler's inspired flower. Sadly, we said goodbye to an awesome coworker last week as she left to take on another position in the field. I was sad to see her go and when we all decided to gather together a goodbye basket for her, I knew what I had to make. She is a huge Steeler's fan and I figured she can either display this at her new job, or in her recently purchased home. One of a kind for sure.

This last little number was made for part of a raffle to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness month at work. Last year I made these to donate. When the email came out asking for donations again, I decided I could make a pretty pink inspired flower. I hope whoever wins this in the raffle is a happy camper and makes it a nice little home :).

I couldn't be happier with how these turned out and might have to look for other jello molds in the future. In fact, I already have another idea brewing that will come out at Christmas provided I can find what I have in mind.

What was the best thing you re-purposed?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Spooky Faux Mantel

I have said it a lot, but this is seriously my FAVORITE time of year. A few weeks ago I was off work and even though it seemed a little early, I decorated for Halloween and fall simultaneously. I didn't think I would really have the chance so I spent the afternoon/evening decorating it up!

I don't have a real mantel but when we moved into our current place, a really cool piece of furniture was given to us which is the perfect place for decorating.

Since I am a glass bottle/jar/whatever hoarder, I decided to stage a little spooky apothecary scene.

First step, scour the internet for some fun labels to use. Wind up here.
Second, go to the basement and find the perfect items to "labelize"

Third, crinkle up the pages of labels.

Fourth, Brew some tea

Fifth, squeeze the water out of the tea bags, leaving just a little. Use the tea bag to rub randomly over the paper to make the little "antique" and dirty look.

Sixth, go out to dinner and have a good time with your friends while the pages dry.

Seventh, come home, cut out the labels and use adhesive of your choice to put the labels on.

Finally- arrange your bottles and other glass pieces to your liking.

Even better, the fun little witches hat and the one bottle came from TJ Maxx last year for $2 a piece at the end of the season. 

I saw these bottles around quite a bit but never got the chance to make them. Even though I am typically more of a fall/autumn person, I am really happy how they turned out and glad I made them!

When do you start to decorate for fall/halloween?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Pretty Jarring Creatures

If you have read this blog for a while, you know that 8 months of the year I watch a group of pretty cool kiddos one weekend a month for a single mom in the national guard. While it is "work" of sorts I do also have quite a lot of fun with these kiddos. What makes it even MORE wonderful is their love for crafts and creativity. Even the simplest of things can be entertaining and fun.

Tissue paper
Pipe Cleaners
Silly eyes
Jars from your sister (haha, oh wait.. is that just me??)

I don't have pictures because we really all did this SO differently. Generally speaking, we all started by ripping our tissue paper. Well. All but one of us did. The boy among us decided to make his a ghost. I was so impressed by the angle he took on his little creature of the night and so were his two sisters. He was apparently the most creative of us all- the 3 girls all ripped strips and used two sizes of eyes.. this struck me as funny for some reason.

.. see what I did there?? 

At any rate this was really my first (albeit early) Halloween craft I think it was a pretty darn big success with the kids. The youngest and I actually perused pinterest looking at ideas and went from there. I think it all turned out pretty darn great for less than $5 spent at the good old Dollar Tree. 

Oh yea, that's right. They also had small strand of ORANGE lights at the DT too. Of course being the lights hoarder that I am I grabbed them up too. As you can see, they came in handy so we could light up our little creatures of the night..

What fall and/or Halloween crafts do you have on reserve for your little creatures?