About Me

Thanks for coming by to learn more about me and who I am.

I am in my late 20's (so weird!!) and live in Pennsylvania and enjoy quite a variety of things. I work full-time and still try to squeeze in crafting, scrapbooking, running, eating (mostly) well, and spending time with family and friends.

I am married to my husband of a little over 4 years but we have been together since 2007. I have known him for even longer! We got married at Lebanon Valley College's chapel as this is where we both attended school for our BS degrees in psych (and I have mine in Psychobiology). 

My last job was pretty much social work for a private foster care agency which I had a love/hate relationship with. When I first started I was crazy excited and this was like my first REAL, SERIOUS adult job. This isn't to say I never really STOPPED loving it- it being the actual job. What I stopped liking was the people I was working for and I just was miserable. I totally loved the face to face time with the kids we served (well most of them) and even more so with the foster parents I worked with when I made the decision to part ways. After I gave my notice, I literally cried some days on my way to work because part of me regretted changing jobs. The reality was, it was best for me and my husband's lives and relationship. The saying "a happy wife means a happy life" (or whatever it is) really has truth to it.

Anyway, thanks for coming by my little crafty corner "Oh.Scrap.That" where I write about and share my crafty and scrappy endevours with you. I also write my fitness adventures at Tinythunder-running (you can find out over there why it is called that!)

Enjoy your stay and ask whatever questions you might have!