Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's a thing...

Back in early March we got some pretty exciting, but very unexpected news. My sister was having a fourth child- IN MAY!!! 

Yes my friends, you did that math right. Short notice for everyone but we did not lack for excitement. Immediately a few crafty ideas popped into our heads. I am going to share one of them here today.  

My sister thought it would be fun to have "Thing 1, Thing 2" etc shirts for the kids so that once the baby was born we could take some fun pictures. I'm all for a good challenge. 

I bought my new Silhouette Machine in late March so by May I was feeling ready to make her "order." I ordered all the iron-on vinyl (or HTV as they call it) through My Vinyl Direct and it arrived quickly and was so super easy to work with. (NO they are not paying me to say this, I bought it and was impressed, so I am sharing). 

It took a bit of playing around with ideas and doing test cuts with paper, but when I was happy, I created these bad boys. I did buy a design from the silhouette store (here)that had the hair as part of a "hat" design. I had to edit it a little to make if fit perfectly to my circles. 

Pardon the picture quality, it was late at night and DARK. But, as you can see I threw in a mom and dad shirt too. I thought it would be a fun surprise to make my sister and hubby one too so we could get a nice family picture too!

With shirts 4 for $10 at the local craft store, I couldn't help myself. 

And of course the baby's onsie is cute enough to melt the coldest of hearts!

Have you given iron- on vinyl a try?!? It is so awesome.