Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kindle Fire & Thank you...

I have to start this off to say that I never win anything. EVER. Seriously. So imagine my surprise when Jonie @ Just Between Friends emailed me a while ago telling me I won the Kindle fire give-away that she and the incredible bloggers listed below had teamed up to offer.

It was a rafflecopter giveaway and I enter lots and lots of these any time there is something I take interest in but never really expect to win.. like seriously EVER! So like I said I was blown away when I got the email.
Needless to say, the minute I told hubby of my good fortune, he claimed that sucker. And yes, I was nice and gave it up to him. Mainly because I am a wonderful loving wife. No really, mostly because we purchased a Samsung Tablet back in September and I pretty much claimed that for my unlimited use. So fair is only fair.
He really loves it. We were a little surprised at the weight for how small it is, but it is really the perfect size to sit in your hand. He actually recieved the original style Kindle a few years ago at Christmas from my parents.. but you know how men are with their toys. He loves being able to read books on that thing but loves that the Kindle Fire is color and allows him to do a lot of the same things I can on my tablet. I did tell him he needed to share the other Kindle for trips and such so I can have books on it instead of the big 10" tablet.. seriously, there's a place and time.
Hubby couldn't get over the fact that the Fire fits perfectly in his hands and allows him to have access to so much with it. He discovered that because he recently signed up for Amazon Prime, he has lots of movies at his instant touch. The colors and look of the screen are pretty amazing too, not going to lie. He was like a kid on Christmas when he came home from work the night I told him it had arrived.
What a wonderful "toy" and it certainly made our hubby's day. So thanks to all these wonderful ladies for teaming up and offering such a wonderful piece of technology. Definitely lots of smiles abound.
If you don't already, you should visit and follow each of them. What a talented group of women!!!


Peggie said... [Reply]

What a sweet wife! Congrats to you and hubby!

Maria said... [Reply]

Congratulations, Jodi! That is SO awesome! So sweet of you to give it to your husband!! Xoxo