Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pinterest inspiring quotes

Now, I don't usually do lots of pinterest based posts, but because I have been short on crafting time as of late, I thought I'd do one that is near and dear to my heart.... QUOTES!!!

I am a huge quote hoarder (yep, add it to the list kids) and so I am going to show off a few of my faves out there on my pinterest boards. (username: j0dalee  - come follow along)

(quotable magnets)
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Anyone know what book this is from?? :)
The Cure for Anything is Salt Water 14x11 paper print- inspirational ocean artwork, beach word art typography poster
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And I could go on and on and on and on and... well you get the point. Like I said I am a hoarder of quotes and this too goes back a long long way. Maybe I will make this a regular thing, what do you all wonderful followers think??
I think it would be a fun mix up for this little blog and just delves a little deeper into who I am. I think quotes and song lyrics really can describe most any situation we encounter in life and can help us express ourselves.. when we are at a loss for words.
Happy Thursday.. we are almost there :)


Maria said... [Reply]

i love the quotes and i love the idea of incorporating it into your weekly posts. they are so inspirational. i am a quote lover too. they really make you think and put things into perspective!
i hope you're having a great day, jodi! xoxo

Cathy Trochelman said... [Reply]

Great quotes. I especially love the one about not striving to make your presence known, but your absence felt.... it is striking me tonight as I just got home from a night out with former co-workers from the job I left to stay home with kids....thanks for sharing these!