Friday, February 1, 2013

Wedding ladies!

A little delayed, but none the less I am back to share the ladies who shared my wedding day with me.

So in the single pictures- you have my sister (maitron of honor) who I love more than anything and am so blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive woman in my life who is such a great mother to those adorable boys you have seen in the past.  The other three girls are ladies I have been honored to call my friends since freshman/sophmore year in high school. We have all seen each other through a lot over the years and a lot even since these pictures were taken. We have some fabulous memories in the books and too many laughs and late nights to count. We are all in different paths of life and fields of work but continue to cherish our friendship and get together a few times of year for our little traditions. These are my "C girls" my "PTDP crew" and so many more. Love you ladies.

These were two of my favorite pictures in our dressing room of the chapel. I love the one because it is black and whie except for us... and the other  just because I got to be goofy rather than serious and formal  (despite the dress). I am really not graceful or overly girly (more of the time). I'd rather dig in the garden, run outside, play outside than be dressed in fancy clothes. Although there are times this is necessary and I do it, I much more barefoot jeans kinda girl. 

I can't wait to create (and share)more with you. I guess that means I really better get to work this weekend!! Where does the time go ladies, seriously?!? 

Happy Friday :)


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Those are fun pictures. Your dress is beautiful, and hurray to you for picking out gorgeous bridesmaids dresses too!

Angie Generose said... [Reply]

How cute! I love the last one. Looks like a beautiful day. Congratulations on your nuptuals!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said... [Reply]

Gorgeous flowers!