Friday, February 8, 2013

Smash #2- our trip to PHILLY!!

I am back with some more smash-booking!! This time it focuses around our 2nd anniversary trip to Philadelphia. I didn't share our 1st anniversary because we didn't go on a trip persay, just to a local haunted house type thing @ Jason's Woods and had dinner at our reception site prior. No majorly fun momentos other than our tickets for the haunted stuff. Anyway, our 2nd year trip was also focused on some haunty stuff... this time at the Eastern State Penitentiary which is literally an old jail turned into a haunted experience. While neither of us were MAJORLY scared, it was pretty creepy knowing someone was so close to you that they could make a noise or sweep past you and scare the living you know what out of you.

 I found this hotel through hotwire and it was a major steal. Our room suite was pretty amazing. We had a living room, dining area, kitchenette, and separate bathroom from our bedroom. We were kinda bummed we only booked it for one night!! The reason we got such an awesome deal was by them hiding the names of the hotels- only giving the amount of stars and the general area the hotel was in. We took a chance and it worked out great (this time, more on that later).

 As you can see, I have a little pouch on the left hand side- I made it from the bag we recieved when we made our purchase- just some super creepy postcards with info about the history of Eastern State... and of course the map.

The really fun part is that while we waited in line, they took our picture :) You had the opportunity to BUY your pics on the way out and of course hubby knew I was going to want them and didn't even make me ask. I do have one of these inserted in the smashbook, but apparently forgot to take a picture. so you get this instead.

 The fun part about smashbooks are these fun pages that have (sometimes) crazy stuff printed on them. This time it worked out SO perfectly. Almost to the point of being SCARY (no pun intended). Seriously though, it gave me a great place to outline our favorites about the other place we visited- THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE. What really drew us there was the Mummies!! It was so neat to hear their stories.. or rather what part of history these mummies lives through and represent for their era. Lots of amazing things that we were not aware of. Aside from the mummies we did have great times in other areas of the museum and literally spent the WHOLE day there. There are so many other museums we want to visit in Philly and will definitely spent more time there soon!

Philly really IS more fun when you sleep over!!

We are so blessed to live relatively close that we could go for a day trip by train (some day) or stay the whole weekend and have a pretty quick commute home.


Annie One Can Cook! said... [Reply]

I. Love. This!!! I need to make a few vacation smash books--I save EVERYTHING for our trips so I need to do something fun and cool like this! Bookmarking!! Thanks for sharing :)

Maria said... [Reply]

Your trip to Philadelphia sounds wonderful!! Steve and I did the "let us pick your hotel" on priceline and ended up scoring an amazing deal. It makes you kind of nervous at first, but is great when you end up with an awesome suite! The mummies sound so cool...I would love to see them. Have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo

Diana - FreeStyleMama said... [Reply]

Fun memories! Thanks for sharing this at my Pin Me Linky Party.