Friday, February 22, 2013

Some real-life inspiration

A few weeks ago, I was out and about and saw these super cute BUCKETS at Joann Fabrics. I snapped a little picture, posted to facebook asking where I might find small buckets to make my own and went on my merry little way.

These little guys were selling for something like $4 a piece, which I thought was kind of crazy, since the only thing I didn't already have at home was the buckets. Lucky me, I found some later that evening at Hobby Lobby. Seriously, for my first time there,  I did pretty awesome finding good stuff to craft with. So needless to say, they were 1.99 there and I had to grab up 3 so I can make a few of these cuties.

My next inspiration actually came from my older sister who lives in an area where they have this awesome TruValue store (which I have never gotten to explore yet) which carries the usual hardware stuff but also has some awesome country craft items. So I get this picture message which includes this fun piece of crafty love.

I immediately texted back "Is that a hint?" She told me no, but I have a feeling that she will be recieving one in some format from me, at some point in the future. The possibilities are endless with what type of base you could use (wine bottle, spaghetti sauce jar, hurricane glass..etc etc) and once again my clear love and bias toward burlap is showing through.

I haven't quite gotten to make either of these yet- but I have been training pretty hard for my LLS Team in Training run which you can read more about the process @ Tiny Thunder Running which I update pretty regularly with my workouts and runs etc. I have also been pretty busy getting everything together for my fundraising effots as well. I have added a widget in my side bar to make donating easy if you are able and willing to support me in this endevour.

 I will hopefully have time (seriously people!) to get some crafting and scrapping done Sunday. I do have a long run tomorrow morning and a dual 31/Pampered Chef party tomorrow afternoon but Sunday is WIDE open (as far as I know haha) and I really hope to get into a grove again.

Have a great weekend!!


Eva Taylor said... [Reply]

Thanks so much for stopping by my Wordless Wednesday: In My Sketchbook post! I love Hobby Lobby, I might go there a little too often! We have a TruValue up here, too...I should check it out!

Cathy Trochelman said... [Reply]

I love those little buckets, too! So cute! What is it about burlap...seriously? :)

Kadee Willow said... [Reply]

You are one busy lady! Just training for that run (marathon?) takes a lot of time! I agree with you about those buckets... too cute! And isn't a hardware store the best? Sometimes the men clerks look at us like we're crazy but if they only knew what we did with the stuff when we get home!!

Kadee Willow said... [Reply]

By the way, I am your newest follower as I love to support fellow bloggers! Plus, I want to see your progress not only on this blog but your other one!

Maria said... [Reply]

love the stamped burlap vases. i made burlap vases for our shower and it was so much fun.
i hope you got some crafting in. i thought of you last night. my mom and i went on a walk and it was sooo windy and freezing. we were talking about people who brave the cold and run. :)
have a wonderful monday. xoxo