Monday, January 14, 2013

An *About me* page

Wow- two posts in one day... what??!

Especially when I am sooo not feelin it today? Double what?!?

But seriously, I have realized that I have not shared really much at all about me- except through posts and that silly little blurb on my side bar. I also realized that the average visitor may not even know my name?! *GASP* wow, why didn't someone tell me?? Its Jodi, by the way :)

So my question (s) to you...

What are some things you'd like to know about me? I did just do my little ramblings for the Liebster award post so I could surely just copy and paste- but thought I'd ask what else my (stinkin awesome) followers might want to know about little old me.

My second question to you all is- how do I make one of those cool fancy name thingys that signs my name at the end of each post? I'd love to create one but don't know how to do that OR how to get it to work on blogger..

Thanks everyone in advance (your input and opinion is seriously so appreciated!!)


thistlewoodfarm said... [Reply]


Love your sweet blog! I love Pinterest, too! There is so much inspiration over there!