Friday, January 4, 2013

Butterfly beauty box

I have shared with you all 2 other cigar box redo's thus far and they seemed to be a pretty big hit. Not that I am trying to overload you all or be BORING, but I have one more to share (for now). These have all been gifts and one of these days I will make myself one, but you know its so much fun to SHARE.

For this box, it was for my sister. I like to think of her as a pretty free spirited person who a lot of people, including herself have called her "hippie." I love her to death and she is the best sister a girl could ask for. She is a (hard-working) stay at home mom for the past few years and makes tons of sacrifices on a daily basis for her three handsome boys. So I wanted to make her something girly and fun (but not too PINK!) where she can store whatever her heart desires. No step by steps here because it is literally finding your box, measuring and cutting paper to fit, modpodge (or however you'd like to stick the paper to the box), and then decorate AWAY. Like the others, I did line this one with some nice thick felt too just to give the inside of the box some love and make it look finished.

I literally agonized over how to add some pops of color on this box. I totally love the simplicity of this pack of paper from Michael's but at the same time needed some color. I even spent a ton of time in different stores trying to figure out HOW to embellish this puppy. Oddly enough, I came back home and had these awesome stickers anyway. Silly me.

I continued the love on the inside of the box to make it fun inside too. Plus I thought it would be a surprise that there were butterflies in there!

Just a view of the inside of the box so you can see the felt- which again is just a matter of measure, cut, and using adhesive to make it STUCK :)

I also struggled with the closure on this one. The box didn't line up right and it felt strange to leave it with nothing. It did have a little clasp hardward on it when I bought it but it was falling off because I guess the holes were the nails were became too worn to hold the nails any longer. I used some ribbon a snap to rig a closure. It still didn't close as tightly as I would have liked, but it worked and looked pretty.

Not sure how much/if at all I will post this weekend because of some family things going on and catching up with things such as groceries and finally putting away Christmas decorations (late, right!?) but I hope you all have a great one regardless.


Stephanie said... [Reply]

Super cute and creative! You did a beautiful job :)
Happy Weekend!


Tonia L said... [Reply]

I love how it turned out! Isn't it great when you find items like the stickers in your stash at home?

Rox said... [Reply]

oh, I like it. But then again, I'm partial because I love re-doing boxes and I have the EXACT same paper. I used it to all over the place in my craft corner :) Love the butterflies you added for color.

Roxana @

Reduce, Reuse, Renewed said... [Reply]

What a beautiful box! My daughter would love something like this for all her little treasures.

JoKnows said... [Reply]

What a great gift! Love the butterflies. A girly touch is necessary for a mom surrounded by boys!

Joanna P-G said... [Reply]

It'beautiful! Great idea for gift!

Katie Drane said... [Reply]

I LOVE this!!! Awesome!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said... [Reply]

My daughter will love this!