Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow globe DIY

Hey everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I thought I would make it back on Wednesday, however until the end of the day Tuesday I was battling a full fledged sinus cold AND was exhausted.  We went to bed about 1:30am Tuesday morning and those kiddos were up by 6:30am (although I blame my BIL and his brother who was visiting). Needless to say Wednesday we got a late start and headed out to spend the money dad gave us for Christmas.  I really just bought running gear (YAY!!) and for the first time in years, I didnt really recieve any craft items. Kind of sad but excited for the running gear definitely. Anyway, today I am sharing a post that I actually wrote BEFORE the holidays and never got a chance to share :) Even though these are trees, I might switch them out for someother "wintery" items later once I take down Christmas deco.

I have noticed a big trend right now are these awesome little DIY anthro inspired snow globes and I just love them!! Although I have seen them all over blog-land, when I searched while out and about, I found a tutorial on Whipperberry and went with this.

I originally had actually put these on my list of things to make in prep for NEXT year thinking I would never find trees this late in the game. Leave it to Walmart, a place I despise and try to go to as little as possible, to have a few for $1/each. Hubby and I were actually there for other things and I just mosied into the holiday section and scored a few. I made out even better because 2 were broken (aka no base) and the cashier just popped them in my bag. I also got a wide mason jar there ( I had the typical big and small ones already) and picked up some more epson salts. So this is what I started with.

From here, I trimmed up some of the trees so that they appropriately fit into the jars- since I am soooo spacially challenged and just grabbed whatever trees I could.

Since two of the trees didn't have bases, I improvised a little and attached some cardboard to the bottom so that I could attach my glue dots to keep the trees in place on the mason jar lid. So basically, glue your trees to the lids, put some epson salts in the jar, put the lid on tight, and flip!! I could have used bufallo snow and I guess it would have stuck the trees a little better, but just going with what was easy and cost/time effective considering my last minute decision to make these.

And finished product pictures- GO!

 Side note is that these lights were SO weird- Christmas lights I think of being white- they actually look ORANGE!! I kid you not. So so weird.

Either way, I was pretty tickled about making these- even if it was 1am (monday  , after being up since 6am (Sunday) and then we proceded to be up until after 4am working on this that and the other thing. Color us crazy and you'd be right.

Hope you enjoyed my little project!


Revamp Spunky Rena said... [Reply]

Hi Lovely, I'm your new follower from Blog Hop.
Love your awesome blog. Feel free to check out & follow my blog @

Stephanie said... [Reply]

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog, leaving a sweet comment and becoming a follower :) I am now following you as well and I look forward to future visits.
Your snow globes look amazing - I will have to make some next year :)
Happy Weekend!


suzyq said... [Reply]

I love these Jodi - making them next year for sure!
Came looking to see what your hubby made - not posted yet?
And your lights look AMBER and if they are I'm so jealous - I've been looking for that color for years!
Can't find them anywhere ( kind of a golden light, right ? )

Michele Clarke said... [Reply]

I made three this year. I also used clear embossing ink & powder with stamps outside which looks like etching.

Kathy Moody said... [Reply]

These are so cute! I really want to make some. Thanks for the great tutorial and sharing at A Bouquet of Talent! So thrilled to have you share. :)


Dewdrop Gardens said... [Reply]

No wonder you got sick! You never sleep and got completely run down! Hope you're feeling better.
You snow globes are so cute! I made some this year too after seeing them all over. Who can resist, they are so much fun.
Happy New Year!
Saw you sharing at Life on Lakeshore Drive
Debbie :)