Friday, December 14, 2012

More mason madness

Just like everyone else, I am obsessed with two things- burlap and mason jars. I want everything in a jar, wrapped with burlap. lol. This should be a tiny hint as to where this post is headed. After I did my own Mason jar lotion pump, my sister was quick to inform me she liked it and wanted one. Since she had already verbalized wanting a toothbrush holder mason (some day I will take a picture of the simplicity that it is) in my downstairs bathroom, I decided I would be super duper nice sister and give her a set of not 2 but 3 things- soap dispenser, lotion dispenser, and toothbrush holder.

Since my sister now lives with 3 sons and hubby and is clearly outnumbered, I thought I'd make it a tad girly just for her!!  They are nothing fancy but I know she will love them.

 Ironically, all the materials to decorate these came from my stash. The stars are from a garland that my sister actually gave me that she no longer had a use for and didn't sell at her yard sale. The purple is an old tshirt that was cut into strips and the burlap was left from another project.

  The whole gang- I did pre-fill the lotion bottle because I found a big old bottle at Walmart that would fill this one and the other lotion dispenser I will show you shortly.

These soap pumps are actually from Bath & Body Works and only cost $1.50/each. I did get a bunch free essentially with holiday coupons of $10 off a $30 purchase so not too shabby. And yes, I said a bunch meaning, I went into one store and bought all the non pink ones they had (purple, red and black).  They are actually meant for the shower gel but sincce you don't have to match up the tracking, it really doesn't matter.  So overall, this set cost me less than $10 since I reused scraps/leftovers from other projects. How do you like that??

I also made a lotion pump for my mom, but out of totally self-ish reasoning. Every time I am there, I ALWAYS need lotion in the kitchen but there is none my friends. Even though they live in the house I grew up in, a little 3 bedroom, 1 bath rancher, and it takes 2 second to walk to the bathroom, I hate it. We will be in the middle of a conversation and I have to walk to the back of the house for, of all things, LOTION. I was so excited about this one because in a stash from free-cycle, I found this great mongram ribbon!!
  And in another stash of stuff given to me from my sister, this red zigzaggy (lets not get too technical) trim (which I think was called something else). I thought it might be weird that the monogram is sideways, but crafting doesn't always have to be an exact or perfect science, so I went with it.

And here it the finished product. I still have to make one to put on my desk at work, but that will have to wait until after Christmas I believe.

What projects do you have going on right now? Do you have 10 going like me??


UTs Hobby Time said... [Reply]

Very creative idea. I am your new follower.