Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Clearance frames turned personal

Well I took an unexpected 2 day break from blogging which even included visiting my favorites out there in blog-land. Unexpected because I have been SO busy trying to finish up projects for Christmas presents and getting my house decorated (finally!!) I worked over the weekend and tried to squeeze in as much as possible after work as well as Monday and Tuesday when I was off from work. So today I present to you one of MANY projects I have been working on.

Dont't you just love Target clearance? I sure do!! The frames I am about to show you were originally 12.99/ea and I got all 3 for under that. Really doesn't get too much better.

Once we found out, my sister was going to have her third child, I decided I would do some kind of frame gift for Christmas. I didn't know how I would do it or what I would do it with, but I would do it.

With the help of my cricut, modpodge and spray glittery glitz I think they turned out pretty darn cute. The little boys in the frames help the cute cause too for sure.  So how did I do it? Well, the story is really simple and it goes a little like this. Cut letters with Cricut in whatever size and font suits you and the frame. I wanted to make the color bold but not too plain. Since all I had was plain flat blue, I had a little help from these guys- Glimmer Mist and Ditto spray.

I actually initially just sprayed with the glimmer mist though it was pretty, it was a little too subtle by itself. I dug into my drawer with these types of supplies and found the Turqouise-ish ditto and sprayed them all over again. After they were totally dried, I modpodged them and stuck the letters right onto the frames. I took a few close ups of Adam's letter's since they are thicker and the glimmer is a little easier to see

I guess it is still a little hard to see, but seriously, I love these. You can kind of see how they look a little speckled, but there is a slight shimmer too. My goal was too make them kid friendly, but not too juvenile so that they can be used for years to come.

Here is close-ups of how the other ones turned out. Pretty cool huh? Any one else have fun projects they have used spray glimmer/shimmer/color on? I am still playing around and nerous about using them so I'd love to see what you have done.