Friday, December 21, 2012

Wine bottle makeover

Yet another fun and fabulously inexpensive gift idea brought to you by ME!! For this project I didnt take step by steps because, well there really wasn't much exciting to report! I had hubby help me drill the hole in the back, I strung lights through then grabbed my hot glue gun and these stones I got at a store closeout sale for about 1.50 per bag and here you have it. An awesome stinkin gift. The best part about it- I got to drink the wine and then the stones were a few bucks and the lights were from the dollar store. Doesn't get much better than that does it?? I cannot wait to give this to my mom since she mentioned seeing one at a show and loving it.

Isnt it beautiful?!?

Loving on the glow the peachy and tan stones give off

Ignore me being akward in the reflection and this is a little better idea of the colors of the stones. So fun!

So my question to you all is- are you still scrambling to finish making or buying gifts for Christmas? I know I for one have a project or two to finish up. On the plus side, half of my wrapping is done and I should be able to finish up in another hour or two. Wish me luck!


thescrapmaster said... [Reply]

This is very beautiful! If you were to buy something like this in a store, it would be very expensive. TFS!

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said... [Reply]

oooh, pretty!

Tammy said... [Reply]

This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Bluebell Woods said... [Reply]

I love that, very pretty. Just shows what can be done.
Will follow you

Theresa said... [Reply]

Super cute!! I saw these before but without the stones on it, and yours looks awesome!! Great gift idea! I was even thinking of doing these as gifts with personalized wine/alcohol bottles (I get to drink first) for each person! Thanks for sharing! You did a great job and inspired by you!! Hope you stop by and say hi too! Smiles & hugs, T

thisblogisnotforyou said... [Reply]

what a cool idea!Really like your blog and LOVE the owls ;) Thanks for stopping at!

Stephanie J said... [Reply]

I love the color combo you did. They yellows and the whites are so pretty when the lights are off. Following you back from KiKi Love Creations!!