Thursday, December 13, 2012


Its Ok Thursdays
First timer on this whole ITS OK thing, and I definitely need to tell myself this today.. its OK.


.. that today was my first run in a week

....that I had to take walk breaks because I just wasn't feeling it

... that I have a million things to do and don't feel like doing a thing

.... that I was a few minutes late to work because I just couldnt get moving

.. that I have to take deep breaths to keep myself from crying today cry

... that I have to work this weekend because I get off Monday and Tuesday

... that my Christmas tree still isn't even purchased let alone in my house and decorated.. YET.

... that I accomplished literally nothing last night.

... that I need to work on my Christmas cards

.. that I really wish my family all lived closer because it would be so comforting right now

... that I want some little kiddo hugs from my adorably sweet nephews

... that I need to read my sewing machine manual before I sew a project for my nephews

... that I haven't sewn since middle school, or maybe high school, but either way its 10+ years ago!

... to take time to myself to get my mood back to the Merry Christmassy one I had just a few days ago.

I hope this was not too negative nancy of me- just been a really tough week. Even worse than last I think. The weather has been grim which doesn't help- ever. Because of the dark weather it has been so hard to motivate myself to get out of bed more than a half hour before I leave for work to do things I love like run and craft or take pictures of my crafty things. So here's to hoping for it to be OK.


Mikaila said... [Reply]

Hang in there! I can totally relate to going on a run and not feeling it also waiting to get out of bed until the last minute. I have come to believe that one of my answer for things in this life is 'time' and just waiting something out. It always seems to make things better...Don't feel you are alone, there are many who feel the same as you. :) I hope you have a better day!