Monday, December 24, 2012

My little tree and homeade cards

Well with it being Christmas Eve, I thought it was high time I share my tree and cards with you. I was a little late on the boat to getting a tree and by Saturday (last weekend) was teetering with not even  getting one. I made the mistake of telling my mother this and since she was visiting my sister, I got the disapproval of this thought from both of them! Since I was still out running around I stopped at this little place close by some of the stores I had been shopping at and low and behold they had $15 trees- PERFECT. So I picked one out, they netted it up and off I went on my merry little way.

 Isn't it purty?? The ribbony stuff was a last minute purchase at Christmas tree shop and at 1.49/pkg I couldn't step away. They were really the perfect addition to my tree since I really didn't have anything to just pull it all together. You can't see it here, but my tree skirt is new too, because I somehow misplaced mine a few weeks ago when I got out some lights to take pictures of my handsome baby nephew.  My mom told me this is because I am destined to make a burlap tree skirt that we keep oogling over. Maybe for next year??

This little guy was an ornament I forgot ALL about but made me smile. I am not even 100% sure who gave it to us last year but I am a fan of all things sock monkey and this is snowman themed one.  

The story behind this wreath ornatment is a short but cherished one. You see, I had a Great (Great?) Aunt Sereta who I who I don't think I ever met, but was devestated when she passed away. You might ask, why in the world??? Well, it is because of little treasures such as this one that she would send us at Christmas and I will cherish forever. She made all kinds of cool crafty things and a few years when we were younger she sent us these felted ornaments and some little felted dolls (which I still have as well). She also was known for creating these little curled up paper (which apparently is called Quilled paper and you can see examples here) which my mom still has.

 This last little guy I wanted to highlight is also a favorite. This is my little scrapbooker marshmello pal. Isn't he cute??

I have seen lots of other fabulous and gorgeous trees out there- great job to you all!! My tree may be small and simple, but it was decorated with love and memories.

Now a quick look at cards made for coworkers and family.


Merry Christmas everyone :) I ran out of time to share with you all my Christmas treasures, so there will be a few more to share later this week, and hopefully some good shots of those tiney hineys on my poufs!! I sure hope everyone has a joyful and safe holiday. Talk to you all on Wednesday!!


mail4rosey said... [Reply]

What a great last minute purchase, the tree is perfect!

Organized Island said... [Reply]

Oh I love your tree and your ornaments! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too! I used to love scrapbooking. Now I mostly do other crafts, but still love all the accessories.