Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapped "E"

This project started out with a pretty sad looking letter "E" which I bought for next to nothing over the summer at one of my favorite hotspots. Olde Factory Antiques. And by sad I mean, chunks are ripped out (which you can see by the parts that aren't blue). I really wanted to wrap this with, what else, burlap, but wasn't sure if my husband would appreciate this too well. Instead, I tried some ribbon I had on hand that just didnt work either. Finally, I remembered this random black fabric that I don't remember what I used it for but had quite a bit of. (see below)

From here, I cut strips abotu 2 inches wide and the length (width??) of the fabric and just begin going to wrap town.

I really thought I took more pictures of the "during" process, but apparently this is it- OOPS! Either way, I think you get the point.

So here it is, all wrapped and ready for some decoration. From here I actually initially purchased some random items from Party City in hopes that something would work out. I bough some rub on tatoos which I used and placed on paper to rub on. This worked out wonderfully and I had them all cut out but by the time I came back to the project to finish up, some (ok, most of them disappeared. BOOO! Thankfully my mom came to the rescue since I still haven't been able to take the time to figure out why my color printer won't work, and since I was going over to work on Christmas cookies, I used hers while I was there.
I cut out every little piece, laminated and cut again. I wanted to make sure the little pieces would last. I also wanted them to be sturdy and durable. It worked! Then figuring out a way to attach them was next. I flipped each picture over, put down a straight pin and added a glob of hot glue, after they dried I slid each one into its designated parking spot . WALAH!

So here there you have it... make any rough looking wooden letter into a personalized gift :) (also, my apologies for the strange looking pictures, it was the best I could do in SECRET before Christmas to ensure hubby did not see. That being said, he almost saw anyway because I accidentally clicked SHARE on my cellphone and it got posted to facebook. OOOPS!! Luckily he isn't as obsessed doesn't go on as often as me and was very surprised on Christmas)


Stephanie said... [Reply]

What a fun idea - thanks for sharing :)

Happy New Year!


Emily said... [Reply]

That's so cute! What a great idea.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said... [Reply]

Great project. Thanks for linking up!

Geri O said... [Reply]

Greeting from a fellow Steeler Fan. I'm your newest follower. Come check out my blog when you have a second. I post alot of Steelers items.