Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mom's wreath project

The other week, I shared mom's Mini Christmas Tree so I thought I'd share her wreath that she made as well. This is made similarly to my Welcoming the Holidays- Burlap wreath but a little different and wanted to share her pretty little piece too.

Mom wrapped her burlap a little differently and tighter than mine which gives it a neat look that I am pretty fond of. instead of the berries like I did, she picked these pine pieces with red berries.

These are two close ups of the pine with berries and the fun red bow I made for her.  My mom wasn't really wanting to learn and was working on something else (I think helping dad, not screw up the tree- which he did anyway- which was really pretty entertaining actually!!) I really like how it turned out!

Before I go though, a little funny story. We actually had to make two trips for ribbon for two reasons. One, because mom isn't a craft hoarder like I am and doesn't just have supplies in case something goes wrong. Two, because apparently the little elf that does quality control for Dollar tree - assuming there is such a thing- didn't do his job too well. Don't get me wrong, I am all for some good deals at the DT, but I am now a little hesitant to buy ribbon. Why? Well, we bought a 9 feet roll of red ribbon which should have been totally sufficient, however, in reality the ribbon was only about 5 feet!!! It was very strange when I had just 2 loops done and wham I was out of ribbon!! Needless to say we were going over by Walmart and picked up the fabulous ribbon shown here :)
Now on to make up Cookie dough to take down to moms for or little mini cookie making party. I swore ThursdayI wad going fora run this morning, but the wind sounds as if it could rip our house down, so I think I will pass and work inside before running errands.


JoKnows said... [Reply]

Your mom did a great job. The wreath is lovely. Too bad about the ribbon. Annoying when you have to go shop again!