Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Turkey Fever!!

While I have already been working on some Christmas presents (it seems like everyone is by now!) I did take the time to make a little banner reminding us to "Give Thanks."

Nothing too special or crazy, and I really wish my tags were wider, but either way I still had some fun making it. Unfortunately I also only had time for cell phone pictures which are so not the same and I didn't get to take any up close pictures either. Voting was priority this morning and I had just too many other things going on.
I do have a little sneak peek of something else I will be making as Christmas gifts. The picture you see below is a choice of 3 fabircs I sent to my sister for said Christmas gifts. If you were her, which woulg you have chosen?  I will give you a hint, its a fabric for SOMETHING for 3 adorable little boys aged 5, 2, and by Christmas, 2 months. :)

Hope everyone got out to VOTE today and that you are having a great week. More creations to come this week, so stay tuned!