Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mom's Mini Christmas Tree

If there is one thing I love about being crafty, it is inspiring someone else. In this instance, it was my mom. She bought this fun little tree at a craft show of some sort for something ridiculous like $3. She had seen some others "dressed up" with lots of buttons and decided to do something similar. So here is the barebones tree with nothing but these awesome primitive-style lights.

I have probably mention this before, but I have a TON and I mean TON (life time worth maybe) of buttons. Because I am so blessed, I brought a large jar to my mom's house and allowed her to pick as many as she wanted ot decorate her cute little tree. We sat for quite a while for her to do this and when she had all her buttons, I sadly had to go home, but the next week got to see what an awesome job she did. She did pick up some additional snowflake buttons that I think really added to the tree. So overall, super inexpensive craft project!! (by the way, it was the trip that she went to get the snowflake buttons that she/we became obsessed with the idea of the burlap wreaths!!

 Didn't it turn out so great?? I forgot, she also added some fun "ribbon" from Michael's that looks just like tinsel garland... cool, right?

 This "star" at the top is super awesome. I remember seeing this when I first looked through some of the buttons and hoped that it would some day find a really cool use. And I think using it as this was probably the greatest idea ever. If you ask me, I got really lucky in the craftiness gene pool lottery. My mom is also one crafty lady when she finds something to work on.

 Aren't the snowflakes totally awesome too? And you can really see the fun garland. She initially was going to hot glue the buttons but I suggested wiring in case she wanted to change the location or color scheme of the buttons. She thought I was crazy and told me once she got the buttons on she wasn't taking them off, but liked the idea of wiring anyway.

This picture was one I just had to take because of the gold ring.  My mom kept finding these things floating around with the buttons and just thought they were so cool! They turned out to be outer edges of some pretty big buttons from back in the day that just fell off. Either way she thought they were great and hung them as well.

I hope you enjoyed my mom's fun button tree project- I know I just adore it and wish I had one for my house!!! I do have a small tree so it may get a little facelift this year, we will see what time allows.

What unique things do you decorate your tree (big or small) with??



keri @ shaken together said... [Reply]

What a cool idea!! I have several bare trees that are just begging for some buttons! One more project to add to the list :)

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said... [Reply]

How very cool! Pinned it because I too have an insane amount of buttons! Insane amount. Seriously.

sew sweet vintage said... [Reply]

LOVE your button tree!!! Great minds think alike. I recently made a button board. Following your blog now. Follow me too. I posted to the creative things thursday party:)

Mrs Bishop said... [Reply]

Super cute! Thanks for commenting on my blog- your newest follower! :-)