Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I *LOVE* jars!

Hi everyone!!! I haven't had a ton of time to complete projects so far this week, or even post on the things I have been working on, but I have a few minutes and some photos I took on my phone so I thought'd I'd do a quick share.
After my sister was at my house, she made the request of a jar to hang in her bathroom like I did. (Sorry, I don't have a picture- will add later!!) I reminded her how simple it would be for her to create her own, but she would rather recieve it from me. That being said, I was headed to Joann Fabrics yesterday anyway and saw the cute little mason jars and grabbed a few. I had been meaning to try out the whole lotion/soap dispenser thing anyway.  So last night at something like 10:00pm I whip out the needle nose pliers and one of those hole starter things. (no pictures of the steps either because I was winging it based off a few things I saw browsing online.)
So here is the 1st finished product.
And I say 1st finished product because I was so super excited that it worked out like it was supposed to that I very nicely placed it in my kitchen and thought that this would be perfectly sufficient. I went upstairs and began to work on something else when I remembered I had braided some old tshirt fabric and soaked in tea, oh about a month ago, and the strips were still hanging in my craft room waiting to be made into flowers. I got to thinking how cute it would be on the jar and with a little plaid ribbon and a button.

Enter real finished product with fun effect on my cell phone camera. I do have ACTUAL camera pictures too, just not available now and I really felt the need to post since it has been a few days and I am just ticked with this finished product.

Might be doing a few of these for gifts this year- in addition to the ever growing other things on my "to make" gift list!! Have fun :)