Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time warp!!

Sorry friends, no project pictures today, but just wanted to pop in and say HI and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Although my BIL didn't get to join us at the table for dinner because Cracker Barrel got slammed- we know work as a GM is never ending some day's; but we did have a nice day. Got to take a walk to the playground at the school where my oldest nephew attends and let him and the middle one play for a good bit before dinner. Those two just kill me.
After dinner, my sister and I prepared (and hubby and dad separately) for our Black Friday night out. We were a little thrown Thursday morning when we realized Target opened at 9:00pm and adjusted our schedule accordingly. All in all, we got to Target about 9:30pm and were done at Old Navy around 4am and returned back to the homestead at 4:30am. Just in time to see my BIL as he was getting ready for work opening the store. Needless to say, hubby and I also had to work Friday and given that we were over 2 hours from home, we slept until about 8am and then hit the road. We made it back in town around 11am and we both got changed and headed back out the door!
Saturday morning was spent scouring my local Joann Fabrics because they were having awesome sales on some items I desperately needed discounts on for Christmas presents such as polyfil and some mason jars.  I also hit up, Dollar tree right next door to pick up few little items such as the short strands of lights which fit rather perfectly in wine bottles (I will post this project very soon).  Later in the day we also went to Michaels across town because my Xyron Create a Sticker refill seemed a little too pricey at Joann's. Needless to say I walked out with that as well as a bunch of Herma Dotto Refills as this is my super duper fave adhesive to use. With the holidays and plethora of projects on my list, I know I will be needing these. I again ended up at Michaels Sunday because I needed a different size/type of elastic for a headband I made for someone at work. Ended up leaving there with supplies for a wreath like one my mom showed me she wanted to make as a housewarming gift for a friend at work. BUGGER. I saw how inexpensive the supplies were and decided I'd surely make one to (pictures forthcoming as well).

So while I don't have any pictures to share today, I have been busy craft shopping and craft-making- oh boy!! I cannot wait to share all my projects with you all. I think tonight I work on drafting all the posts so they are ready to go each day. So many projects to make, so little time to document and share.

Happy holiday crafting crafty friends :)