Friday, November 30, 2012

Stryofoam trees

Another fun Christmas decoration project to share today.
I have seen all types of variations of these crazy styrofoam trees all over the internet, pinterest, pamphlets at craft stores, etc and decided I wanted din on the madness. Of course, on the cheap.
So I went to the Dollar Tree to pick up my foam cones- I grabbed 3. In order to make various heights, I actually used a base made to arrange flowers that lined up pretty well with the diameter at the bottom of the cone and hot glued them together to get an extra 2 inches. I also used some candlesticks to help give more height to my larger cone and one of the others. Of course, I failed at life and didn't take pictures as I went because I was just SO excited to be making them (lame-o mclamerson). But either way, once I had my larger cone and the two others unwrapped and ready to go, I used little dabs of hot glue to hold the top piece in place and then wrapped them in ribbon. My biggest tip for this project is that if you are going to use ribbon, get the kind with WIRE. I say this because otherwise there were awkard gaps between the ribbon and cone. Having the wire allowed me to PINCH the extra pieces and give some added interest and texture... HOORAY!!

Ok, I am done babbling, now time to share (maybe I will make more in the future and do a better job and photo documenting)

I also feel like I need to make two alterations- something on the base of them- maybe a different color ribbon to give a more finished look?? And the second would be to add something to the top.  I still have a little time before Christmas so maybe I will toy with some ideas.

I really love the jazzy looking red guy. It was a little more difficult with being more transparent so I had to overlap it a little bit more, but I just love how blingy it is.  The other two are great because they sparkle, but bling is bling and it is fun!

Anyone else toy with these trees?? I would love if you'd link in the comments so I can check them out.

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Meeha Meeha said... [Reply]

I love the combination, so I can't really choose a favorite, and I like how you let loose the ribbon, for a bohemian effect!

Sue Boyer said... [Reply]

Cute and easy trees. Thank you for sharing.

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