Monday, April 29, 2013

Handy Hubby Feature [#2]

I actually had this post stashed away from way back, right after Christmas. Since I haven't had time at all to craft and don't have time tonight to get together (aka type up the entire recipe) my German Chocolate Cake for hubby post- I thought I'd share this pretty little number.

Everyone knows from my first Handy Hubby Feature, that my hubby's got some skills. Well this time around I am going to show off a growing hobby for hubby.  This is an area he has previously dabbled in a bit and has even made some pretty cool projects, but always wanted more. *Sigh* don't we all?? Anyway, he got a super awesome wood burnder from Woodcraft from my parents for Christmas. He could hardly wait to get home and try it out. My sister and I also chipped in and bought him some of the replaceable tips which are super cool!! After he played a little and got comfortable with things, he had a vision of making a sign for his door at work. Ready to see??

He works as a drug and alcohol therapist and needed something to make sure that people don't come in when he is in session.. pretty smart right??

& Sometimes its just about all the little details- the little "dots" are so smart!

But, if I must be honest, this is my favorite part. He made this part to slide up and down so that only "Therapy in Session- do not disturb" or "Welcome" shows at a time.

Stinkin gorgeous. I never did get to see or take pictures of it finished because he did so and took it into work before I made it down to snoop. I guess I will have to snag HIS camera and get the pictures for myself. Haha. But seriously, isn't his work AWESOME??  Wow.