Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Unique Flower Preservation

This isn't really crafty or DIY or scrapbooking, but I wanted to share anyway. If you remember back to December, I wrote a tribute post to my recently passed Grandmother and not so recently both Grandfathers (here). Well cleaning house after Christmas, I rediscovered flowers we saved and dried from the funeral. I know that saving dried flowers often they are forgotten and tend to collect dust. I remembered this mason type jar that I inherited somewhere along the lines and thought how neat it would be to place them in this jar.

I really liked how they looked in the jar and decided to keep them this way. No way for dust to get in and the look kind of like a snow globe or something that holds some kind of magic. I realize this sounds a tad crazy, but I think it looks pretty neat :)

How do you preserve/store flowers from meaningful events?


Jamie F said... [Reply]

Awe I just love this...I usually just hang mine upside down...then throw them away when they get too dusty...this solves that! Thx
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Jenna LaFevor said... [Reply]

I think this is SO crafty! I would have never thought of something like this! Would love it if you would link this up to Give Me The Goods Monday: 1 Party, 5 Blogs!
Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

Maria said... [Reply]

such a sentimental piece. i love it. i have flowers that mean a lot to me saved and dried in vases in different rooms in the houses. i'm drying out ones we got when piper was born now. :)