Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inspiring Quotes #6

This week, more than ever, we could all use a little inspiration. As a obsessive  runner, the news of the Boston marathon bombings was so heartbreaking and brought tears to my eyes. So many times the thought of what if I woke up and couldn't run tomorrow passes through my head and because of some idiot(s) there are many runners and non-runners alike who have to face just that reality.

Here is a weekly dose of quotes that hopefully provide nice little pick-me-up for you.

Expect nothing and appreciate everything
Could this seriously be more fitting? Appreciate it all. Love stronger, hug longer, all the little things- enjoy them. You never know when your life might change forever- for better or worse.

Les Miserables! Ahh.
So important to remember that even though things are tough, sad, or whatever the case might be- it can only get better. Maybe it will never be perfect, but the sun will rise.

I truly believe this statement is true. Often hate comes from disliking something you see in someone else, that you recognize also in yourself. Sometimes people hate out of extremists views which are often taken out of the context in which they were intended to be. 

So you can do what others can't...
Running the next 2 weeks to dedicate miles to those who didn't get to complete the marathon and to honor those injured and lives lost. Every day don't take for granted what other pray to be able to do. 

Sorry if this is too sappy or emotional- really just my general feeling at this time.
I hope you can find at least one of the bunch that you can relate to. 

Happy Thursday everyone!


Maria said... [Reply]

i love the one about how we treat others...isn't it so true?!
i was so sad to hear about the marathon...i just can't imagine. my mom and i were saying it kinda makes us scared to run another half again.

i hope you're having a great week. xoxox