Friday, April 5, 2013

Winter Wedding Whimsy

So... have I mentioned that I always seem to be super busy and can't find enough time in the day.... like... ever?!? Well I am going to share with you one of (and a special one at that) reasons why.

Two weeks ago (already!?!) My friend Lisa (affectionately, Lisabee) got married!! She met her hubby, ironically, by him hitting her with a volleyball while playing a on a rec team. Haha- who would have ever guessed?? She had such a HUGE bruise on her arm!

This is my group of high school girlfriends who I have kept in touch with through college and now into adulthood. Although it isn't always easy, and we definitely don't always see each other much, this is a great group of galpals. We look a little silly, don't we?? Well, we had pockets and we had to FLAUNT it, right? Best. Idea. Everrrrrr. Just sayin'.

 I totally love how she did the seating "charts" if you will and really wanted to take these off her hands, but I am sure she has plans of her own for them. 

Definitely HAD TO get a close up on these darn cute birds. She used her Cricut to cut these cute little guys out. I just loved it. 

There was a lot of fun decor and birdhouses throughout the reception hall that contributed to bringing the outside feel inside on a chilly March day. Hopefully I will get to share more of them with my crafty friends soon, but for now I just wanted to share my absolutely FAVORITE things about the wedding. 

Happy Friday, Friends.


Maria said... [Reply]

you are so pretty! the color is fabulous on you! it's so nice you have friends from hs still in your life. what a special day...i love the way your friend met her husband...too cute! :)
have a fabulous weekend...thank you so much for the wonderful wishes! xoxox