Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why I am MIA

Well I have literally worked or babysat every weekend since the end of April (including this weekend....currently.) And while the Monday/Tuesday after I worked I have had off, I still feel always behind and find myself not having enough time to update here. I have managed a few posts, but not the usual couple times per week.

Well, then our regular desktop PC decided to act up and although I got a PC tower from work, I havent had the chance to get it set up. I am currently writing from my tablet (thank goodness for keyboard add ons!)

That being said, next weekend we are going away to my sisters to celebrate my oldest nephew and dad's birthdays! I am so excited to have a more relaxing weekend with my family and plan to enjoy the time away. I will even more enjoy when June is here and every weekend isn't booked solid.

I just want you all to know that I will be back and will try to squeeze in posts when I can between now and then... but when there's no time to craft, there isn't too much to post about either! I do have some projects that are complete, but am not able to get the pictures post-ready at this point.

Thanks for your patience and can't wait to get back at this more consistently.

By the way... what is your opinion on the whole google + comments situation? I don't get emails with comments in anymore... so if I forget to keep checking back, I don't get to respond as quickly... anyone know how to fix this??

Have a great weekend!!