Thursday, May 9, 2013

Upcycled Clothespins

Say what??? I have seen different versions of these floating around and thought that they were such a stinkin awesome and CUTE IDEA. Even better- Clothespins and tacks can be bought at the Dollar Tree! I already had everything else, so $2 craft, woop woop. 

So here is my version.

I just have to toot my own horn and say how much I love, I mean L.O.V.E!!!! these clips. 

Honestly, I started with the painted ones, then was toying around with scraps from another project (later) and thought I'd give the chevron a try. Best. Idea. Ever. Right??

So here's what I did.

1.Simply put, I started by hot gluing the tacks to the back of each of the clothespins. I initially thought, oh yea, 12 will be enough. BAHAHA. Right.

2. After that, I painted 6 with the base color of white, and 6 white a soft yellow. I let them dry while I worked on something else. 

3. How cool right?? 

4. Yep, super cool. Used the tip of a Qtip to make the dots. 

For the Chevron ones, I just traced one with the clothespin and then continued to cut 2 strips of each color since there were 6 colors. 

Then, maybe I had a little fun stacking them together to take this picture. Seriously, can you really blame me?

And there you have it my friends. A really awesome office staple when you live  work in a cubicle and have LOTS of papers that need to be visible/accessible really quickly. They are so cute and so functional and I might just have to make a million more. 

Well, maybe not really a million. 

Have a great weekend :) Back Monday with more loving on my Hobby Lobby Chevron Burlap Ribbon!