Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Wreath Redo

This wreath might look familiar. As in I made it at Christmas time and just keep redecorating it to fit the seasons.

Sure beats having to keep buying them at 15 or more bucks a pop. I usually buy mine Christmas Tree Shops anyway, but this is so much more fun.
Back in March, my mom was at the beloved Hobby Lobby and saw the chevron burlap ribbon and I had to have one in each color because they were on an irresistible sale. I didn’t have any plans for it, but I NEEDED it.
Since then I have found a few things to do with it, including spruce up my wreath for a fun summery-ness feel (yes, this is the technical term)
I first cut out little flag type shapes and sewed them together with my machine to make a banner.

I might have been loving on this quite a bit and had some fun instagramming some sneak peeks. Little did I know they would be long term teasers!!

Prior to this project, I remembered that we had received a white "S" as a wedding shower gift and we just never were able to put it use. I hung the S in the center with some more of this ribbon, but it just wasn't the piece I imagined in my head. So I started cutting varying widths and lengths of the ribbon and wrapped/tied them on the wreath base. Now that’s a wreath!!

Ta-da!! This instagram pic shows the colors quite a bit more truthfully than the first pic. Mostly because this was taken during daylight and the top one wasn't. The weather/timing has not been on my side for picture sessions lately. What's a girl to do!!

What kind of wreathes do you like to see/create this time of year??


Maria said... [Reply]

so colorful and fun! I love I, Jodi! xoxox