Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Love and Spraypaint

So my job has this one little perk that after you work the weekend, you get 2 days off the next week.  I was off Monday and Tuesday and had a to-do list (self-imposed) about a mile long. The projects I am about to share are part of that to-do list.

So let me tell you about these two little (not so) lovelies. The one on the left has been with us for quite a while. It was an orphaned a yard sale leftover back when we lived at our last place. We just happened to be walking by a house on the way back from the store and saw it. It was just raw wood when we picked it up and I added the dark red paint you see in the picture. After about 4 years of that paint, I was growing sick of the table all together. Thankfully, hubby talked some sense in to me and I agreed to paint it instead.  The table on the right ... well more like little stool... was given to me recently by a friend preparing to move and sorting fun (old) treasures in her basement. Same friend who gave me the blue jars seen in my Summer Centerpiece  post. Anyway, I was totally happy with the beat up/well loved paint/stain combo this stool had going on. Husband didn't share my love. Once again, we compromised and I went with painting it. Thanks to an Ace rewards $5 off card, I got all the spraypaint for this project for about $5.

Anyway... So I sprayed both with the basecoats of gray to start and let them dry (which wasn't long at all!!). For the taller table I eye-balled and and finger measured my chevron pattern onto the table. Once I made sure it was pretty well attached, I painted it with this Burnt Red (awesome) color. 

I didn't get any pictures of the other stool with the tape on. It was really n big deal, any idiot can put tape on in kind of straight lines and at varied distances apart. Also, I was getting frustrated with the paint because I had to make 2 additional trips back thanks to paint that wouldn't mix up and as a result was to thick to spray.

Either way, I couldn't be happier with the result of this project. You know it's good when you can stop smiling makes your heart sing.

It makes me smile to walk in my front door and see my little chevron table. Amazing what a little love and spraypaint will do for two sad little pieces. 

Whats your favorite small item do-over that you have done?


Bethany said... [Reply]

Love how they turned out! That red is so cute!

Stephanie said... [Reply]

Adorable! They turned out great :)


Diana - FreeStyleMama said... [Reply]

Super cute Jodi!! Thanks for linking to my Pin Me Linky Party.

Maria said... [Reply]

jodi, these are SO cute!! and fun!
i love how you're always transforming pieces! red and blue look great together! i hope august is off to a great start for you and you're enjoying the cooler weather. <3<3<3