Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A little garden

My weekend started on a high note when I came home from work and discovered THIS growing in my garden.

Yep, CILANTRO! I actually forgot I planted it because I didn't really expect them to grow into real cilantro. After all, my little mini "greenhouse" got too moist and molded. Apparently I have better luck just throwing seeds into the ground and literally FORGETTING about them all together. 

I did also plant tomatoes (which 3 or 4 plants have survived) but are not big enough to produce yet. Probably in another week or so though since we get rain almost every day lately. The mystery seeds given to me by my sister did begin to grow some foliage... but I am pretty sure the rabbits and squirels got to them. I told hubby it is time to do some damage control (don't show this to the kids). I do love animals,just not the ones that eat my food bearing plants. 

Clearly, they don't know my relationship with food- especially my healthy delish foods. 

We did also actually find a really sweet spot to hang out Saturday after I ran my Spontaneous 10k (you can read about it at my other blog) but I will share about that tomorrow. I may not have had too much time to get crafty, but I don't like NOT sharing anything around here.. makes me sad. Been focused more on running and tryinng to declutter and simpify around here (more on this toward the end of the week too)

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and are staying COOL. Phew, its been hot as ever around here. 

take care :)


Maria said... [Reply]

yum! i love cilantro! that's awesome! i hope you're staying cool...it is so icky out there!! xoxox