Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summertime adventure

On Saturday, after I ran and got cleaned up, hubby and I set out for our long ride on the motorcycle that we never quite made it to on July 4th.

We set off to Fort Indiantown Gap, PA because it is a great ride to get there (all back roads) and then it also  gives us a decent length ride. Little did we know, we would find a great little treasure hidden back past the Gap that we never knew about!!

I saw signs for Memorial Lake State Park and suggested we turn in and explore. The first road, we hit the jackpot.

I was TOTALLY in love with this view. They rent out pedal boats, canoes, and kayaks for a decent price so it was awesome to see families out with their kids. 

It's so hard to take pictures with a stupid camera phone- I am so spoiled. But this is hubby and I enjoying the time together and the gorgeous scenery (and my awkward sunglasses that are actually hubby's lol)

Just me :)

Upon further, exploration there are hiking trails, a high road, middle road and low road, and just so many breath-taking views. We didn't do the hiking trails for two reasons: I had already run a 10k and it was SO HOT!! Seriously about 95 plus humidity. Hiking, I think not. We did decide we will come back when it is cooler and explore some more. We had a lot of fun spending the entire afternoon and early evening out together on the bike. I know lots of people are afraid of motorcycles (and I get it) but the high gas mileage we get allows us to take rides like we used to enjoy but without breaking the bank. 

I am sure I will share more adventures over the summer/fall of adventures we take on the bike. 


Suzan Sweatman said... [Reply]

WHat a gorgeous spot you happened upon Jodi!!!!!!!!
And I happen to like those sunglasses on you :)

Maria said... [Reply]

beautiful photos and scenery! i love how dedicated you are - running in this heat. my mom has been running and walking a lot...i want to start back soon!
wishing you a wonderful friday and happy weekend, jodi! xoxox