Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inspiration Thursday

I think it has been a while.. but trying to get back into the routine of posting a few times per week :) Slowly but surely working on getting back into some projects too. Hope these inspire and find you well.
via *I really need to listen to this. I tend to want to do so much and I wear myself out… anyone else?*
via *sometimes you really do have to remember not to regret what you did/went through- just experiences that make you who you are J*
via *how true? There is always a payoff, balance, something that just makes it more about how you see things than what they really are*
via *this is truly one of my most favorite.. really speaks to the mind*


Maria said... [Reply]

it's always great and refreshing to read your quotes. thank you for sharing them. :)
sending love, my friend! xoxox