Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer centerpiece

Over the weekend, I got a little time to catch up with an old coworker of mine. It is always so funny to me how well we get along because she is old enough to be my mother and has grown kids my age. She was a therapist where I used to work as a case manager and we had a common kiddo or two. We have kept in touch since she left and meet up occasionally for coffee at one of our favorite spots- WEGMANS!!!  Not this time though.

She had messaged me a few weeks ago that she was cleaning out her basement and had found some of the old blue ball jars.  She immediately thought of me and my crafty ways and thought I could use them. She was definitely right

We were busy the rest of the day Saturday, but when we got home I couldn't help myself but to set up a nice little centerpiece on our table. Took just a few seconds and  LOVE it all lit up

Aren't they so pretty? Pretty perfect to sit and look at in the evenings with all the lights off.

Do you have any fun summer decor that you use mason jars for??


Cathy Trochelman said... [Reply]

Pretty! So pretty....perfect for nights out on the patio. Hope you are having lots of them! :)

Maria said... [Reply]

ohhh, i really want to try this! i have tons of leftover mason jars. i used one the other day to wrap a gift!
i hope you're doing well, my friend!! sending lots of love and looking forward to catching up here!