Friday, June 21, 2013

Goodwill Plates to Garden Stakes

I have seen this idea a few times online via pinterest and blogs I follow (which of course I couldn’t find again to show my husband) so I am not claiming this as my own original idea. However, I do have to say I fell in love with the idea and knew immediately that my dad, king of lawn ornaments, lover of all things outdoorsy was going to get some version of these for Father’s day this year.  

I started out with some kind of neat but boring clear glass plates and coasters (?) plus a little yellow/amber colored piece.   

I wiped them down and got to work. I hit up the mancave basement for some leftover cans of spray paint and found red and green which went perfectly with the paint I picked up for Treasures from the Trash  project from Valspar.

After the paint was dried, I covered them with a clear coat and let that dry as well. The clear coat helps to seal the paint and keep it from being sticky/tacky.

From there, I glued the pieces together using Epoxy (because my husband tells me that hot glue is not REAL glue.. Crashed my world.) I must admit it did work very well and I am rather impressed.
After the plates were glued and set (I left them for 24 hours) I glued on the nut, let it set for about an hour and then spun them on to my stakes.

Because the plates dip in the center, it was a little hard to find a good place for the nut to sit and ideally, I suppose I should have put one at the top and bottom, but I only bout a two pack. 

Anyway, I am happy with how they came out and hope my dad likes them!! I made them for his father's day gift, which he will finally receive tomorrow since I worked all last weekend. 

Then I might have had a little bit of fun taking pictures... hah, shocking I bet.

Awesome right?!?!?


Gail said... [Reply]

Yep, very awesome and cute indeed! What type of stake did you use? Up close they look like they have threads all the way down, but then, in the full picture they look like regular garden stakes.

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said... [Reply]

Pretty! I bought one at an art show that keep falling apart and I wrote today about how I am using it now, lol. Yours looks much sturdier than mine!

Maria said... [Reply]

thanks so much for sharing! they are SO pretty and what an AWESOME idea! totally want to try this! i'm going to favorite it! :)

Cathy Trochelman said... [Reply]

I love how these turned out, Jodi!! I had my girls paint some plastic plates recently and we made something similar....but these look so much more "grown up"! Fabulous!!