Monday, June 3, 2013

My $1 Stache Jar

A few weeks ago my sister sent me a picture of a ‘stache jar which I had actually pinned months back. She told me she had shown it to her oldest son and he loved it. She wondered if I had anything that we could use to make him one. Really? Of course I do. I hoard spaghetti jars these days because I use them for everything. The only thing I actually bought for this project was the mustaches.

I found them at.. where else.. the Dollar Tree!! They were in the kids toy section and I initially thought they were felt, but was happily surprised that they were actually FURRY! It is really the little things.
So anyway, after I got the jar all cleaned up, I cut my letters out using my Cricut, put some dear old matte mod-podge on it, slapped the letters on and modpodged over-top.

I also applied modge all over the jar to give in a fun look to it. After it was completely dried I put the ‘stache on. (please ignore the disaster in the background lol.. always a mess when projects are in progress.)

For the lid, I made a small slit (to slide moola through) turned it over to apply some hot glue to the raw metal to avoid injuries, and the spray painted it.
And there you have it, a personalized 'stache jar.

He is already having fun adding money to his jar to save up for something awesome.