Friday, October 26, 2012

Craft arrest update

Alright. So at the beginng of the week I said I was not doing any crafts all week in an effort to get my house cleaned and back to where it should be.  Here is how that has been going. I just started being a consultant for marykay ( and met with my director and friend on Monday to get started.  Until I got home and had dinner, the evening was pretty much gone. Tuesday night was GREAT! Cleaned the kitchen and living room including dusting and vacuuming. Wednesday was non productive because I went to my parents for dinner and stayed there until almost 10:30pm- oops!! Yestersday started with a bang when my husband called at 7:30am to tell me he had been in an accident on his motorcycle on the way to a training for work. Thankfully he hadn't gotten too far and was still only a few minutes from home.  He was ok as luck would have it but the bike was towed to a local shop until the insurance company could get out to assess it today. That being said and being completely exhausted from all of this, I took some felt to work and was able to make these flowers (and a few more done after I took this picture) in my downtime.. even got an inquisition on how much I charge for them.. WOWZA. Who would have thought? Maybe I will make more and see where it takes me. Either way this was sadly my only craft for the week so far. I am trying to think of something fun and exciting to make next week because I am off work Monday and Tuesday and have a nice chunk of time to devote to a nice project. Needless to say, the bottom half of my house is clean, and the top half not so much. Once I get all my MaryKay products this will probably spur a huge house reorganize so that's ok too :)
What has everyone else been working on this week?


Tonia L said... [Reply]

What a busy week! I am so glad that your husband is okay!!!

Jodi S said... [Reply]

@Tonia L Thanks! It really was a crazy week.. this week seems to be a little calmer so far :)