Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some fall/halloween love

Well this won't be the longest post in history, but I wanted to post some of what I have been so busy working on that I couldn't put down the glue, buttons, felt, or paper long enough to post.
Last week my awesome neighbor had a little banner out as a decoration and I commented on it.. this led to her asking me if I had any letter cut outs... and this led to me saying I HAVE A CRICUT, WE CAN MAKE ANYTHING!!!! So the next day she and her daughter came over and we created some SPOOKY Banners

I ended up making another SPOOKY banner last night because the one I originally made for me, was taken to my sisters, for her boys to enjoy. So anyway, then my neighbor thought it would be fun to having a Witching hour one as well. I wasn't sure exactly how she would want it, so I just got it all ready for her (my personal favorite part is my little witches hats- NOT from cricut)

So for my last little project I will share tonight- I used some fun little bar coasters (actually from Germany, I think) that I bought from a little, well big actually, store Antique Marketplace in Lemoyne. The coasters were super cheap, like I think I paid 2 bucks for 10 or so of these things, and when I bought them I was actually thinking of them for a sign like this. My mod podge for some reason didn't get along with my Target dollar section scrapbook paper from a few years ago, and I got a crinkly look, but love it.

I hope you enjoyed my little creations of fall. I am hoping to post some more of my breast cancer raffle items that I have also been (obsessively) working on lately. Also in the line-up to share is the arrangement of flowers for my mom's birthday and my favorite pages of the scrapbook I just finished.