Monday, October 15, 2012

Old drawer flower box

Well my apologies for no weekend post or earlier in the day Monday post, however life has been a little busier than usual. I ran a 5k Saturday morning at a great time in the COLD, then came home to shower and head to Lebanon Valley College's homecoming as we have now been graduated 5 years!! I really can't believe it, but nonetheless its true!! Sunday we finally had my mom and dad over to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday, so here I am to finally share some photos of the gift I made her.
First, a nice view from above to show the different types of flowers I made.


 Next a few close up shots of some of the flowers (and the SO FUN buttons!!!)

This is an awesome close up of the really original neat drawer pull as this box was, at some point, a drawer and didn't house these fun handmade flowers. I found this drawer at this awesome store that I love (sometimes a little too much) Olde Factory Antiques found in Hummelstown, PA which is about 20 minutes away.

I love this pictures because it really shows the awesome character of the "drawer" and that I used real sticks from a tree in our yard to make the stems for a lot of the flowers.
So there you have it. This was actually the beginning of the flower craze that took over my brain for at least two weeks. My mom really enjoyed her gift and sent me a picture last night of where she put it when she got home. It was no surprise that she loved them, because we share a very (to a scary point) similar taste in decorations and love the old/country/primitive stuff. If anyone wants to know specifics on how I made flowers, please let me know. I believe I have previously posted the tutorials I followed for each type, but I will gladly link to them again.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and a decent Monday. Craft with you all soon!


Tonia L said... [Reply]

Your flowers are great! A friend of mine was making some burlap flowers recently to put on some wreaths she is planning to sell.

Jodi S said... [Reply]

Thanks Tonia, had so much fun with them. My mom actually asked if I'd consider making one for a friend of hers :) so maybe there is some selling in my future too.