Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cigar box upcycle

Alright friends- here is a project that sadly got put to the last minute but one I was SO excited about. Over the summer, my mom and I visited Olde Factory Antiques (which, yes, I visit somewhat regularly) and I saw different types and sizes of cigar boxes. These are great because they range from $3-7 for the most part and vary in condition, color, etc.  Well on that trip, I picked out this little guy. (On subsequent trips, I have picked up a few more)

So there you have my starting point. From here, I decided to spray paint it, but later regretted it so I don't recommend it. It didn't allow the spray adhesive to adhere the way I would have liked and combined with the curves in the box, this was a source of frustration. So with that being said, I reveal the final product. I did realize that I didn't get a great picture of the overall look of the box, but tried to take some detail pictures of my favorite parts. I did use the Timeless Type - DCWV stack which I picked up at Michael's and love to pieces. Loved the character of it all. Also used a tiny bit of a Recollections pack (from Michael's but can't find online to link)  There are of course more pictures than included here (because I am super duper picture taker with EVERYTHING!!!) but I didn't want to bore anyone to tears.  

"Whole" box view

Clock set to 10/17, our date!!
Totally in love with this clock & the initials for hubby

Fun ribbon and upholstery tacks on the sides
Inside with felted bottom
Inside Close up

The only thing that I would do differently and will in the future is not use a box with the rounded sides(although very cool so maybe this is a lie) and not spray paint prior to using spray adhesive. As hubby so lovingly pointed out, spray paint is hydrophilic (or was it phobic??) so it doesn't allow it to stick. Silly me?? I never did like chemistry! His response to his gift was "So does this mean I can buy more watches?? I haven't been buying any because there was no more space." Oh my. Whatever makes him happy, I guess.

So, what do you all think??? Has anyone else ever upcycled cigar boxes- if so for what purpose?


Angie said... [Reply]

This is awesome! I love how you personalized it with the clock set to your date. Now I want to go out and find a cigar box to decorate :)

Jodi S said... [Reply]

@Angie I highly recommend it!! Cigar shops sometimes have the boxes out for sale too :) I cant wait to make some more

Evelyn said... [Reply]

I love this. I am pinning it:)

Jodi S said... [Reply]

You are so sweet! Thanks :)