Friday, September 27, 2013

Pretty Jarring Creatures

If you have read this blog for a while, you know that 8 months of the year I watch a group of pretty cool kiddos one weekend a month for a single mom in the national guard. While it is "work" of sorts I do also have quite a lot of fun with these kiddos. What makes it even MORE wonderful is their love for crafts and creativity. Even the simplest of things can be entertaining and fun.

Tissue paper
Pipe Cleaners
Silly eyes
Jars from your sister (haha, oh wait.. is that just me??)

I don't have pictures because we really all did this SO differently. Generally speaking, we all started by ripping our tissue paper. Well. All but one of us did. The boy among us decided to make his a ghost. I was so impressed by the angle he took on his little creature of the night and so were his two sisters. He was apparently the most creative of us all- the 3 girls all ripped strips and used two sizes of eyes.. this struck me as funny for some reason.

.. see what I did there?? 

At any rate this was really my first (albeit early) Halloween craft I think it was a pretty darn big success with the kids. The youngest and I actually perused pinterest looking at ideas and went from there. I think it all turned out pretty darn great for less than $5 spent at the good old Dollar Tree. 

Oh yea, that's right. They also had small strand of ORANGE lights at the DT too. Of course being the lights hoarder that I am I grabbed them up too. As you can see, they came in handy so we could light up our little creatures of the night..

What fall and/or Halloween crafts do you have on reserve for your little creatures? 


Maria said... [Reply]

these are adorable! how lucky are those kids to be able to have such a fun and talented sitter! i'm sure they had a blast as did you! you rock, jodi! <3<3<3