Monday, August 26, 2013

Portable Hard Drive Case

Ok, this is going to be pretty quick and dirty.

My husband has been taking this small portable hard-drive to and from work and really wanted some sort of protective case/cover for it. We looked around a few places and had absolutely no luck unless we wanted to spend 20-30 bucks. No thank you.

I remembered I had some really thick felt and decided to make a small sleeve for it. That's really all it is- just that. A sleeve.

First, hubby gave me the dimensions to work off of, but due to my terrible lack of ability to transfer this to how big a piece of fabric needs to be... I later had to have the hard drive in my possession so I could line it up that way. The first one would of been find had I made the opening just a little bit bigger. *sigh*

Anyway, so here's what I ended up with.

Nothing fancy pants, but it serves the purpose for sure. Just cut the fabric to fit, sewed a small cuff at the top to give it a more finished look and sewed the sides. BOOM. Probably will add a velcro enclosure of some sort down the road, but this will work until then. 


Maria said... [Reply]

you're so creative and always thinking...i love it! your husband is lucky to be married to such a thoughtful and talented woman! i hope you're enjoying the end of the month! sending love and wishing you a relaxing night xoxox